It started: Netflix cancels its first series in 2024; see which

Image from: It started: Netflix cancels its first series in 2024;  see which

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The year started with several premieres on Netflix, but also an expected cancellation. The streaming platform finally made it official that the series Black Summer there will be no new seasons, reaching its definitive end.

Black Summer is an original Netflix series that has the zombie apocalypse as its setting. The plot takes place in the first days of this frightening new world, following a group of people who don't know each other, but who are fighting to survive.

See what we know about the series' cancellation Black Summeran original Netflix production.

Was Black Summer Cancelled?

The North American production premiered its first season in April 2019, and the second only in 2021. Since then, no information about the progress of a supposed third season has been released, which would already be a sign that Black Summer would not survive.

The only clue that got fans excited for a sequel was the creation of a supposed official profile for the series on Instagram, but it was soon proven that it was not official. In 2023, one of the plot's co-creators, Karl Schaefer, responded to a question on Twitter/X about the third season. The answer, unfortunately, was negative.

It is worth noting that information about cancellation of Black Summer are circulating on some foreign portals, even though no official confirmation has been released. However, on the Netflix page, there is no message about a new season being in sight, nor on the platforms that catalog series and films.

But as the series creator himself commented last year, it is unlikely that the news is not true. So, fans can only regret that the plot doesn't have a worthy ending.

Public reception

The Black Summer series only had two seasons on NetflixThe Black Summer series only had two seasons on NetflixSource: Netflix/Disclosure

Despite the cancellation, Black Summer It was a series that pleased fans of productions about zombies and also specialized critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, the production boasts an 87% approval rating for both seasons.

Season 2 alone has an even better rating: 100% critical approval. Among the evaluations of the series, there are those who say that the plot is one of the best zombie plots of recent times, and also those who say that the script portrays the flaws of human beings in these conditions very well.

Z Nation

Black Summer was born as a series derived from Z Nationalso from Netflix, which premiered in 2014 and came to an end in 2018. The plot told the story of a group of people who survived the zombie apocalypse, focusing on a man who was immune to the virus.

Both series take place in the same universe, but have their own characters. The difference between the productions is the time in which the story begins to be told, being Black Summer six weeks after the apocalypse and Z Nation three years.

Unfortunately, Black Summer ended its second season with many open answers and we won't know how it would all end.

Both seasons are available on Netflix.

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