KeePass is updated, learn about all the new features and improvements of this password manager

One of the highlights of KeePass, if we compare it with other similar applications, is that it is completely free and open source. Furthermore, it is a key manager that stores everything locally, on your device, and not in the cloud. The latter makes it a more reliable service, although you can still configure cloud synchronization if you wanted.

KeePass news

KeePass just launched the version 2.56. It is available in both a portable version and an installation file. The first novelty that we can show is that it adds a search to preferences of the application. This is used to perform searches within the different options within the application.

It also introduces improvements related to the password manager history. This is interesting as it shows you when you have changed a password. It is useful so that too much time does not pass between changes, something that is not advisable. Ideally, you should set a new password from time to time on each of your accounts. Additionally, you can compare data if you have merged multiple KeePass accounts.

On the other hand, it includes some changes related to the Interface. It includes some new buttons to access options, as well as to make different changes. It also has minor changes, related to dialog boxes, keyboard shortcuts or the application display. On its official website you can see all the information related to KeePass 2.56 and also download the application.

Error when using passwords

Why use key managers

But is it really important to use a password manager, whether KeePass or another? If you do things right, you should have a unique password for each account. Furthermore, that key must be complex, that you cannot easily memorize. It has to be completely random, containing letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. That is complicated to manage if you do not use a program of this type.

Another reason is that you could even create passwords with these programs. These keys can meet maximum security requirements, to prevent them from being found out. Of course, you should always prevent the email password and other accounts that you use on a daily basis from being leaked, due to some carelessness.

It is also worth mentioning the ease of login. You will simply have to have the keys stored in that password manager and you will not have to enter them every time you log into an account. A useful method both on the computer and on mobile devices that you use on a daily basis.

In short, KeePass has launched a new version, with some new features. Using this type of application is very useful for maintaining security and correctly storing passwords for logging into accounts.

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