Mental Cage: who is the serial killer? Understand the ending of the Netflix film

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One of the films that are popular on Netflix this January is Mental Cage, directed by Mauro Borelli. The film debuted in 2022, but only now arrived on the streaming platform to tell a new serial killer story.

In the film, an extremely skilled serial killer decorates his victims with decorations and objects that resemble religious images. The serial killer commits his crimes in the same way as another criminal, called the Artist, who is already in jail.

The big plot of Mental Cage is to discover who the new serial killer is and how he manages to copy the one who must be his biggest inspiration. Understand, then, who the criminal is and what happens at the end of the film.

Mental Cage: understand the ending of the suspense film

The crime investigation was in the hands of detective Mary Kelly, Melissa Roxburgh's character (Manifest). Alongside him is veteran investigator Jake Doyle (Martin Lawrence), responsible for arresting the serial killer who is being copied.

The film's first victim appears inside a church, being a woman tied to a cross with wings attached to her back, as if she were an angel. It doesn't take long for the similarity with the Artist to be noticed and for other deaths to begin to occur.

The detectives begin to suspect that the killer has some contact outside the prison and was the mentor of the new criminal, as his way of organizing victims is quite laborious.

The Artist is called Arnaud Lefevre (John Malkovich) and is about to be killed in prison. His murders were committed against prostitutes, six victims in total. Mary begins to visit the criminal frequently to enlist his help in finding out who the new serial killer is.

The suspense film is one of the most watched on NetflixThe suspense film is one of the most watched on NetflixSource: Lionsgate/Disclosure

Jake remembers his past with Arnaud, and how his colleague involved in the investigation died after the criminal was caught. Zeke killed himself by setting his own body on fire, which left the detective traumatized.

Mental Cage shows that Arnaud had a traumatic childhood and that his mother wouldn't let him draw his religious drawings. Then, he acquired the ability to possess through his illustrations, and killed his own mother. This fact explains the film's twist.

The mystery brings a twist at the endThe mystery brings a twist at the endSource: Lionsgate/Disclosure

In addition to discovering that the Artist provoked Mary by reminding her of her past, which is also traumatic and involves religion, we see that the serial killer possessed Jake's body to commit the new crimes. In fact, Zeke was also possessed by the serial killer, who made him kill himself.

To defend herself, Mary shot Jake's body, who died. And to get revenge on Arnaud, later, Kelly puts poison in the pencils that the serial killer used to draw, as she knew about his habit of biting the object.

Then, while he possessed the body of Dr. Loesch (Neb Chupin), his body was taken over by the poison and he died, losing the mind games he played.

You can now watch the film Mental Cage on Netflix.

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