Microsoft criticizes new App Store rules in Europe

Microsoft is not satisfied with the new App Store rules applied in Europe. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Xbox president Sarah Bond said Apple's policies are “a step in the wrong direction.”

“We believe constructive conversations drive change and progress toward open platforms and greater competition. Apple's new policy is a step in the wrong direction. We hope they listen to feedback on the proposed plan and work toward a more inclusive future for everyone “, Bond pointed out in the publication.

Sarah Bond's post complemented the complaints of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who also used his personal account on X to express dissatisfaction with the App Store's unprecedented policies.

Among the new rules, Apple determines that every application distributed through the App Store exceeds 1 million downloads, the developer must pay €0.50 (R$2.69, approximately) for each installation. Additionally, every alternative app store needs to pay €0.50 per user annually.

Sarah Bond has been president of Xbox since last Friday (26). She is responsible for controlling the platform.

For Microsoft, the consequences of the opening of Apple's app stores are extremely important. Since October 2022, there have been signs that the company has been working on its own app store for cell phones, along the lines of the Epic Games Store.

Apple's new rules

Now, with the ecosystem more open, would be the ideal time to join iOS. However, the criteria announced by Apple are complex and retain much of the control in the company's hands.

Microsoft's demonstration against the App Store guidelines could also put Xbox Cloud Gaming in Apple's sights. The platform finally launched on iOS on Thursday (25), without as many restrictions as the first launch.

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