For this reason, your repeater may be incompatible with the router and be very limited.

An option to try improve Wi-Fi connection at home, is to install a wireless repeater. It can help you have better connectivity in different places in the home, thus having more speed and stability. However, it doesn't always really help. In this article, we are going to explain to you why your repeater may be incompatible with the router and be limited. If this happens, you will not be able to reach maximum speed, so you will have problems.

Keep in mind that not all routers are the same, nor are all repeaters. In fact, you could have a very good repeater and a very bad router, or vice versa. When this happens, on either side you will be limited and you will not be able to reach optimal speed, nor good stability.

The repeater and router are not the same

So what is the main reason for incompatibility between a router and a repeater and how does it affect? Something that can happen is that you have a router that is Wi-Fi 6 and a repeater that is not. It can also happen in the opposite case and that repeater does have the latest version, while the router does not.

And yes, to have or not Wi-Fi 6 can make a difference. If you want to achieve the maximum wireless speed that fiber optics offers today, you undoubtedly need a router with Wi-Fi 6. If you are going to install a repeater and want to achieve good speed, it will also have to be compatible. with this protocol. If it is not, there would be incompatibility with the router and you would not achieve good results.

We can say that you need both devices to have similar characteristics. Only then will you be able to take full advantage of the connection and you will not be limited to the maximum that one of the devices provides. Even if you had the best router on the market, if that repeater is not dual band or does not have Wi-Fi 6, you are not really going to take advantage of it. The same if you had a very good repeater, but a very limited router.

Buy a quality repeater

Choose your devices well

Our advice is that you always choose carefully the devices you are going to use to connect to the Internet. Mainly, when buying a repeater it is quite common to make mistakes. We trust that one model or another does not matter and we can opt for an economical one, without really looking at the characteristics. Then, when trying to connect to the network, we see that we have not improved. You can always know the brand and model of the router and see its features.

What is important today? For example, that repeater is dual band and have Wi-Fi 6, in addition to a good top speed. The router you are going to use must have this same thing, so as not to have limitations. Before buying a device of this type, take a good look at its specifications and make sure you are buying a quality one.

Another very important point is that you inform yourself well about what that device is like. You can read comments and ratings from other users, for example. This will help you decide which model is best for you, how it helps you improve your connection, etc. Don't make mistakes when buying a repeater, nor a router.

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