Android 15 may force apps to display in full screen

Android 15 can force apps to be displayed full screen, according to an experimental feature found in Google's system. Within Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3, experimental version of the OS, One feature suggests that full display will become standard in the next update.

The resource found is called “EDGE_TO_EDGE_BY_DEFAULT” and comes with the description “Makes the app display in edge-to-edge by default if the target development kit (SDK) is VANILLA_ICE_CREAM or newer”.

With edge-to-edge display, apps can display elements in the Android Status Bar and Navigation Bar.With edge-to-edge display, apps can display elements in the Android Status Bar and Navigation Bar.Source: Android Authority/Reproduction

Edge-to-edge display mode is when the application takes up the entire screen, including the top status bar and the bottom navigation bar. Not all programs support the standard, as it depends on implementing some additional APIs.

The name “VANILLA_ICE_CREAM”, in turn, would be Android 15's dessert nickname — still unconfirmed so far. According to the code, every app built for the system would need to support edge-to-edge visualization.

For now, the addition is just a holdover from the development of Android 15. It's possible that the policy will be removed over the months if Google changes its mind.

If true, the change should generate a visual improvement, especially when viewed horizontally. Furthermore, it would also make the positioning of the system's standard elements (status bar and navigation) more “natural” and elegant on the screen.

However, developers need to implement it correctly. If the edge-to-edge display is activated carelessly, apps with buttons at the bottom may have compromised usability.

For now, nothing about Android 15 has been officially revealed so far. The operating system is scheduled for the end of 2024, but the launch must be preceded by a long period of testing.

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