Conversations with Gemini AI are stored on Google's server for years; see details

User conversations with Gemini will be stored on Google servers for years, the company revealed this Thursday (8). A service support document reveals that conversation data is collected in the web and mobile versions of the chatbot.

According to the company, conversations with Gemini even undergo human evaluation, although they are not identified, to improve the service. By default, tAll chats are retained for at least three yearsincluding sender data such as location, language and device used.

Conversations with Gemini are kept on Google servers for at least 3 years by default.

Conversations with Gemini are kept on Google servers for at least 3 years by default.Source: Google/Reproduction

Users even have some control over the data shared with Google. By disabling Gemini activity in the “My Activity” section in your account settings, future conversations with the chatbot are not saved for evaluation. Additionally, all interactions with the bot can be deleted.

Despite this, even with the setting disabled, conversations with Gemini are preserved on Google servers for 72 hours. This is to “secure” Gemini applications and improve the service.

Since conversations can be viewed by others, it is important that you do not share sensitive or identifiable data with Gemini. Avoid saying who you are or making requests that are too specific if you want to preserve Google’s own identity.

Although retaining chats is a privacy warning, Google is not the only one adopting the practice. OpenAI, for example, keeps chats saved for 30 days even when chat history is turned off.

Bard is now Gemini

On Thursday (8), Google announced the change of its entire AI platform. Previously segmented under several names, everything is now under the Gemini umbrella, the same name used to name the company’s language model (LLM).

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