Do you use VPN to improve security? Yes, but only in these cases

Have a VPN, can be a very useful option to improve Internet security. However, keep in mind that it could become a problem if you do not use it correctly or have a false sense of protection. Yes, it is interesting to improve security, but not always. Therefore, we are going to tell you when and what it protects you from, so that you can choose other alternatives.

You are going to come across many VPN applications, but not all of them are the same. The type of encryption they use, the number of servers you can connect to or the speed are some key factors. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose correctly which one to use and not fall into common mistakes.

When does VPN really protect?

A VPN will not prevent you from being a victim of a Phishing attack or from downloading a file that is a virus. But it will be useful to improve security on other occasions, as we are going to explain. Therefore, it is a good complement to other programs, like an antivirus, that you may have installed on your computer. You can opt for guaranteed applications, such as Surfshark or NordVPN.

Public networks

Without a doubt, a very useful protection is in public Wi-Fi networks. If you're connecting to Wi-Fi at a mall, airport, or library, you could be a victim of attacks. You don't really know who might be behind that wireless network, so they could see everything you do and steal personal data.

A VPN will encrypt the connection, so everything you send and receive will go in a kind of tunnel. If there are intruders trying to spy on you, they will not be able to access that information and you will be able to keep your privacy safe at all times. Of course, it is key that it is a good VPN and that it encrypts the data well. Make sure you configure your firewall so that it does not block the VPN.

Protection against monitoring

It will also protect you from monitoring which even your operator can do. You are going to browse through an intermediary, which is the server you connect to. Therefore, you will better hide the sites you visit and what you do on the Internet. Your operator will not know what you are doing, nor will governments in countries where there is censorship.

This is useful to avoid geo-blocking and access services that may be restricted. If you have problems watching a streaming platform, for example, a VPN can come in handy to avoid those problems and navigate the web correctly.

Problem with slow VPNs

Secure access to business networks

If you need remote access to the your company network, a VPN will be useful to maintain security. If you work remotely, it is undoubtedly a good ally to avoid problems. It will provide a secure connection to that corporate network and you will be able to avoid any risks that may arise.

You can also apply the same if you need to access your home network. You could have a VPN set up on your home router and be able to log in easily and securely. Of course, it is important to configure it correctly and not make mistakes that could expose you on the network.

In short, a VPN can help improve your security, but only in certain cases. Do not have a false sense of protection, as you could have problems if you get a virus or are a victim of Phishing attacks. Check everything you are going to install very well.

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