Galaxy S24 loses support for Samsung gesture navigation

The One UI 6.1 of the Galaxy S24 lost the function of hiding the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen. The absence of the resource was found in the cell phones sent for evaluation after the premiere on Wednesday (17).

Analysts found the change in the cell phone's settings menu, in the “Navigation bar” section. The “Gesture Tips” option no longer exists, preventing users from hiding gesture icons from the screen.

The option "Gesture Tips" is no longer available in the settings menu.tThe “Gesture Tips” option is no longer available in the settings menu.tSource: 9to5Google/Reproduction

In addition to this change, One UI 6.1 also lost Samsung's signature gestures. The option allowed replacing traditional shortcuts with movements from the center and corners of the screen.

At first, the change is to enable the use of Google's “Circular to search”, one of the main new features of the update.

Unfortunately, even with “Circle to Search” turned off, the option to hide the gesture bar doesn't return to the settings menu. Therefore, users lose another customization option.

Gesture navigation continues to be available

It's worth noting that gesture navigation continues to be available in One UI 6.1, it's just Samsung's approach that has been removed. This way, users still have access to Android 14's native gesture pattern.

For now, It is not possible to know whether the change is permanent. The change could just be an experiment by Samsung, or be exclusive to Galaxy S24 cell phones.

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