Features that cannot be missing in the cloud if you want security

Use the cloud It is something that is increasingly part of our daily lives. We have many services available, but the truth is that not all of them have the same characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to choose very well which one to use. Especially if you want to enhance your security, it is key not to make mistakes that could affect you. We are going to tell you some features that cannot be missed.

The goal is power upload files to the cloud and that they do not run the risk of being lost or of someone accessing them. Maybe you need to house high-value documents and you don't want them to end up in the wrong hands. For this, having a secure service is very important. It is essential that you choose very well which one to use.

What to look for to use the cloud safely

To name some secure cloud storage services, we can talk about Google Drive or Dropbox. There are many more available, with more or less capacity, but they do not always meet the security requirements that we consider basic today to protect files.

File encryption

Something fundamental is that this cloud storage service correctly encrypt files that we are going to go up. Without this, all those documents could be exposed so that anyone, in case there is a vulnerability, can see them without complications. It is essential when we talk about security.

Most quality services today are going to have this feature. However, it is advisable that you review it and do not risk it by exposing the files on the network without having encryption that guarantees that they will remain away from prying eyes.

Have two-step authentication

The two-step authentication We can say that it is an extra security barrier. It serves to protect an account on the Internet beyond entering the access code. This is very interesting, as it would prevent someone from entering even if they have stolen your password through a Phishing attack or any other method.

Normally, this second step is a code that you will receive via SMS, email or through multiple authentication applications, such as Google Authenticator. Therefore, you should choose a cloud service that is reliable, that has 2FA, and thus avoid problems if someone tries to access it.

Two-step authentication security issue

Be able to control who accesses files

When you upload files to the cloud, you may want share them with someone else. It can be a folder of photos from a trip, videos or simply a text document where you are going to work together. If you want to prevent anyone from accessing that content, it is essential that you can control who has access.

For example, you will be able to configure it so that they only enter through a link, although the ideal is that you configure it so that only an email address that you mark can have access to that content. You will avoid many problems.

Protection against brute force attacks

There are also cloud storage services that have protection against brute force attacks. They are attacks that are directed against that service or against the user's account. Basically, attackers try many combinations to gain access until they figure out the right one.

If it has protection against brute force attacks, it means that it will be blocked after a series of access attempts. This will guarantee greater security and prevent intruders from trying to enter your account without permission.

As you can see, these are some interesting security features that you should keep in mind when using the cloud. Likewise, it is important to avoid Spam shared files on Google Drive and other services.

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