Spirited Away: director reveals 'true identity' of No Face

It has been 23 years since Chihiro's trip (Spirited Away, in the original) made its debut around the world. However, even after all this time, the Japanese film from the renowned studio Ghibli, directed and scripted by Hayao Miyazaki, continues to delight fans and generate discussions among viewers who fell in love with the fantastic story of young Chihiro. One of them, in fact, recently gained an important chapter.

We are talking about the true identity of the character Without a Face, the ghost with a white mask who accompanies Chihiro at various moments in the feature film and who has become a symbol of pop culture over time. Recently, Miyazaki spoke a little about the mysterious figure and revealed his true identity, which is much more complex than one could imagine. See below!

The Faceless One finally had its origin explained by the director of Spirited Away.The Faceless One finally had its origin explained by the director of Spirited Away.Source: Studio Ghibli

Spirited Away: who is Faceless in the film?

The source of this unusual revelation came from Kinyo Roadshow, Nippon TV's primetime movie block. During transmission of Chihiro's tripwhich happened recently, Miyazaki shared a vision as profound as it was poetic about No Face, leaving fans astonished.

“Who exactly is Faceless?” asked Miyazaki. “There are many people like No Face among us… he is the type of person who wants to cling to others, but has no sense of self. They are everywhere,” the director explained.

Thus, the truth about the Faceless One is revealed. He is not just an enigmatic character, but a symbolic representation of a broader human condition. Miyazaki reveals that the Faceless Person embodies those who lack a sense of self, desperately seeking to connect with others but without a solid understanding of who they truly are. A deep reflection.

The plot of No Face in Spirited Away

Along Chihiro's trip, we witness the Faceless One, initially transparent, trying to win the approval of others by giving gold as a gift. As he gains acceptance, however, his greed and ego inflame, driving him into extreme form.

The turning point occurs when Chihiro, the courageous protagonist, confronts the Faceless One, triggering a transformation. The Faceless One adopts Chihiro's personality, becoming a silent companion, revealing a surprising vulnerability for a seemingly faceless character.

This revelation from Miyazaki sheds new light on the Faceless Man's choices and his metamorphoses throughout the film. The director invites us to reflect on contemporary society, where many can get lost in the desire for acceptance, adopting masks to fit into different contexts.

So, did you already imagine this about Sem Rosto?

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