More than 15 films and series leave Netflix in February; see the list

Every month, several titles arrive in the Netflix catalog and, as soon as new productions enter the platform, others leave the service. With a vast catalogue, it is difficult to keep track of which titles are out of date. To help you, we have separated all series and films that will leave streaming in February 2024.

The platform's vast library of content will say goodbye to 15 titles until the last day of the month, including World War Z, She, Angels and Demons, karate Kid It is Letters to Juliet. Check out the full list below!

What's leaving Netflix in February

When a teenager and her family's employee are found dead, the police's inept investigation ends up blaming a controversial suspect.

A lonely writer finds love where he least expects it: he falls in love with the operating system he bought to help manage his life.

Film SheFilm Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will leave Netflix soon

To stop a zombie pandemic from destroying humanity, a former UN investigator embarks on a risky journey to discover the origins of the virus.

When widow Holly Kennedy loses her beloved husband to a brain tumor, she discovers he has left a series of letters to help her get her life back on track.

Zig, a hungry hyena, does everything he can to get his paws on the mermaid Marina. But her faithful friend, Sharko, always arrives in time to save her.

A Harvard symbologist tries to prevent an attack on the Vatican planned by a secret society that wants revenge on the Church.

  • Letters to Juliet (2010)

On vacation in Verona, Sophie finds and responds to an old romantic letter. The correspondence awakens in the sender the desire to find his old love again.

  • SWAT – Special Command (2003)

A veteran police officer is tasked with forming and training a team specializing in weapons and special tactics to face an international criminal.

  • Around the World in 80 Days – A Very Crazy Bet (2004)

An inventor accepts the challenge of traveling around the world in 80 days and sets out on an epic adventure in the company of an employee and an artist.

  • What Men Like (2019)

A woman discovers that she can hear men's thoughts and uses her new skill to conquer her space in a predominantly male industry.

In China, Dre needs to defend himself from a bully at school and seeks out a martial arts master. Remake of the 1984 classic.

karate Kid Karate Kid will also leave the Netflix catalog in February

Xander Cage returns from his voluntary exile to help the CIA recover Pandora's box, a device that can turn satellites into missiles.

A couple witnesses a crime committed by a hired killer. They enter witness protection and move from New York to Wyoming.

A crime boss, a beautiful woman and a skilled thief enter into a dangerous game of lies after a robbery goes wrong.

  • It's Raining Burgers (2017)

Young Flint Lockwood has a talent for inventing things. With the help of his friend Sam Sparks, he might even change the world (if he doesn't destroy it first).

  • Clifford the Giant Red Dog (2021)

A little girl and her uncle do everything they can to protect a little red dog that turned into a giant and now has to escape the clutches of an evil company.

A secret service agent ends up involved in a terrorist attack after his son's colleague becomes the target of kidnapping.

Inspired by his travels abroad, a charismatic singer returns to Brazil full of swing and soon becomes a music icon.

In this sci-fi drama, a soldier is resurrected through new technology and sets out on a quest for revenge. Based on a comic book series.

  • Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence (2018)

A teenage parkour fan, a drag restaurant owner, and another eclectic group of characters seek love in Bangkok's vibrant Silom neighborhood.

  • Sleepless Society: Insomnia (2019)

Haunted by recurring visions, a young woman with insomnia visits an old house to solve a mystery and put an end to her nightmares.

  • The Last Bastion (2018)

The Robles family, born in South America, faces the ups and downs of Peru's revolutionary movement for independence.

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