Proxy or VPN to make the connection faster? This you should know

There are times when it is interesting to browse the Internet through a proxy or VPN. They are two different options, although they can fulfill the same mission in certain cases. But which is the best in order to have more speed? We are going to talk about it in this article. If you have doubts between installing a VPN or use a proxy To surf the Internet, and your goal is to ensure that the speed does not drop too much, we are going to explain what you should know.

Keep in mind that in both cases you will see that the speed decreases, even slightly. It is not the same as browsing the Internet directly, without intermediaries. Furthermore, within each of these options you will also find differences that can be important, so it is advisable to choose carefully which one to use.

VPN or proxy for speed

To know if it is faster to browse through a VPN or a proxy server, it is best that you know exactly how each one works. We can say that, in general terms, a VPN will affect speed more than using a proxy. This is due to how each of these options works for browsing the Internet.

A VPN will encrypt your entire connection. You are going to connect to a server, which will encrypt the content you send and receive over the Internet. This is very interesting when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, for example, where you might have problems keeping your privacy safe from possible intruders.

Instead, a proxy server will not encrypt that connection. What the proxy is going to do is act as an intermediary. By not encrypting the connection completely, as the VPN does, the speed will not drop as much. Therefore, it could be the best option if what you really want is to browse without affecting the speed of your connection or, at least, as little as possible.

There is a delay time when browsing through a VPN, which is less in the case of the proxy. The VPN will have to continually encrypt and decrypt the traffic. Of course, everything will also depend on which service you use, as we are going to explain to you below.

Price of hiring a VPN

Don't make mistakes

It is important that you do not make mistakes and it is important for several reasons. On the one hand, if you want the speed to be adequate, it is essential to use services that work well, that are guarantees and are not a burden. Whether you are going to install a VPN or opt for a proxy server, it is essential that you do your research and choose one that works well and is reliable.

Furthermore, there is the issue of security. A poor quality VPN can be a major problem for your online protection. You may have a false sense of security, so you may make more mistakes while browsing. Therefore, we recommend using a good VPN that helps encrypt the connection well. We can name some guarantee options, such as Surfshark or NordVPN.

All in all, we can say that using a proxy is better than a VPN to maintain speed. However, it is not the best option for security, since it will not encrypt the connection in the same way. It is a scale that you will always keep in mind.

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