How to earn XP and level up fast in Palworld

Palworld It's just joy and fun until you join the server and discover that one of your friends is level 40, while you are suffering at level 13. Okay, that may have been a little specific, but I imagine that many players are curious to know how it is possible gain more experience and level up quickly in Palworld.

Up to a point, the task is simple, but then it really takes a long time to receive enough experience points to reach the higher levels. Therefore, we have separated some of the best ways to do this without so much difficulty in Palworld.

Check out the tips below!

Capture lots of Pals

Our first tip may seem obvious, but not everyone takes advantage of it. Unlike other similar games, you gain much more experience by capturing multiple Pals. This needs to be your biggest goal during the game if you want to level up quickly.

Unsurprisingly, capturing Pals non-stop is the best way to earn XPUnsurprisingly, capturing Pals non-stop is the best way to earn XPSource: Pocketpair/Reproduction

It doesn't matter if it's a new Pal or one you've captured before, if it's a pet that's close to your level and has good enough capture spheres for it, it's your job to catch it if possible. If you still find a shining Pal, be sure to catch it too, as this is the famous “Lucky Pal”, a more special animal with possible better abilities than the normal ones.

Capture 10 Pals of the same species

This tip serves more to complement what we said above. Essentially, every time you capture the same Pal, you also receive experience points galore. However, this only applies to the first 10 Pals captured of that species.

The bonus for capturing up to 10 identical Pals is excellent for leveling upThe bonus for capturing up to 10 identical Pals is excellent for leveling upSource: Pocketpair/Reproduction

So, always try to catch these 10 identical Pals and then do the same with all the others, failing to capture the ones you have already completed. If you do this with just those initial monsters, such as Lamball, Cattiva and Chikipi, you will guarantee good levels without much effort at the beginning of the game.

Explore all Dungeons

While exploring the world, you will come across many caves that serve as the game's dungeons. When you get close to them, you can even see how long a stronger Pal will stay there before being replaced by another. When exploring these dungeons, you have the chance to fight some enemies, collect rarer resources (including the useful Mineral Coal), capture new animals, collect treasure items and kill or capture the local boss Pal. Everything I mentioned gives experience points, so of course it's worth it.

Fight and capture the Pals bosses

Since I mentioned the Pals bosses in the dungeons of Palworld, it's worth remembering that there are many of them in other places on the map too. If these dungeon Pals change from time to time, there are other bosses that are fixed around the world. Fortunately, it's quite easy to find them, as they are marked on your map when you get close to the region they are in.

It's very easy to find the boss Pals on the game map.It's very easy to find the boss Pals on the game map.Source: Pocketpair/Reproduction

Most of them just consist of a bigger, stronger version of a normal Pal that you find in abundance at some point later. By facing and capturing them, you gain a lot of experience and can receive special items and the desired Ancient Civilization Pieces. The good news is that you can replay fights with these bosses after they reappear on the map.

Fight the enemies of the Towers

In addition to the boss Pals, you will also find challenges in the high Towers that you can see in different parts of the map. For now, when the game is in early access, there are 5 towers with these bosses that look a lot like Pokémon gym leaders, but the number may increase in the future.

Towers can provide an extra challenge depending on your levelTowers can provide an extra challenge depending on your levelSource: Pocketpair/Reproduction

The first tower is part of the tutorial, so there is no doubt that every player will face its boss at some point. However, the others are in regions further away from this initial area, so you will have to explore, better equip yourself with clothes that can withstand heat and cold and use more powerful Pals to deal with these enemies. Fortunately, you gain plenty of Palworld experience every time you defeat them.

So, were you able to level up faster using these tips? The game gives you a little experience for everything you do, but it's these activities that help you the most in the long run. Leave your comment on Voxel's social networks telling us which level you're having the most difficulty with!

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