Will Griselda have a second season on Netflix?

The series Griseldastarring the renowned Sofia Vergara, known for playing Gloria in ModernFamily, quickly became a hit among Netflix subscribers. With a narrative that unveils the life of Griselda Blanco, the infamous “Godmother of Cocaine”, the production captured the attention of a wide audience, eager for dramas based on true stories.

Vergara's performance, praised by critics and audiences, raised the question: Will Griselda have a second season on Netflix?

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What is the Griselda series about?

The show offers a deep dive into Blanco's tumultuous life, depicting her rise from a poor childhood in Colombia to one of the most feared leaders of the drug trade in Miami during the '70s and '80s.

The plot addresses not only the woman's criminal enterprises, but also a more personal side, including her complex family relationships, her struggle for survival and power, and the way she navigated a male-dominated world to establish herself as a dominant figure. in drug trafficking.

The drama is meticulous in detailing the brutal and innovative methods that the Colombian employed to expand her empire, including the introduction of violent ways to deal with enemies and betrayals within the cartel.

Furthermore, Griselda does not shy away from exploring the more controversial aspects of his life, such as his involvement in numerous murders and his ability to evade authorities.

Will Griselda have a second season?

Despite the fascination and fan base that the series managed to establish, it was meant to be a limited miniseries. The decision is due to the narrative approach, which chose to tell the complete story of Griselda Blanco in a single seasoncovering the major events of his life until his eventual decline.

The choice not to proceed with a second season can be attributed to the creators' intention to present a concise and complete vision of Blanco, without extending the story beyond its natural narrative.

While this may come as a disappointment to fans who wanted to further explore the universe of Griseldathe first season remains a powerful and immersive representation of the life of one of the most notorious criminals in history, highlighting the complexity of her personality and the circumstances that shaped her trajectory into crime.

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