Samsung CEO declares that Galaxy AI may have paid features from 2025

Samsung may even start charging from 2025 for at least some Galaxy AI tools. The feature, which concentrates a series of artificial intelligence functions, debuted on the Galaxy S24 line of smartphones, presented in mid-January.

The information about the news being free for at least one year was already speculated. Although, it has now been confirmed by the president of Samsung Electronics himself, TM Rohaccording to the Indian newspaper The Economic Times.

According to the executive, the idea is bring the technology to up to 100 million devices by 2024, including some old cell phone models from the brand.

Will Galaxy AI be paid?

According to Roh, analyzes carried out by Samsung identified “multiple needs” by AI on mobile devices. They include the chance that some of the public will be willing to pay to access some of these resources.

O "Circle to Search" available via Galaxy AI.“Circle to Search” available via Galaxy AI.Source: Samsung

“There are some consumers who will be happy to use the capabilities of AI for free. And there may also be consumers who would like even more powerful AI capabilities and even pay for them.. So, in future decision-making, we will take all these factors into consideration”, says the president.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the brand Still don't know what will happen after the deadline ends. Samsung can put the entire Galaxy AI behind a monthly fee, lock some more complex features behind a payment or even stop charging.

In the Galaxy S24 family, AI features include a photo editing and note summary assistant, a translator that works in real time and a Google search engine through circles made in content on the screen.

More enhancements and assistants are expected to be added and made available by Samsung in the coming months, including generative AI tools.

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