YouTube tests new feed filter with videos separated by colors

YouTube is experimenting with a new alternative for those looking for different video recommendations. The new thing is the option to create filters for feeds that deliver you only color-based clips.

According to 9 to 5 Google, the resource is a way of exploring content for those who are lacking creativity or looking for new directions. The difference is that, here, you can choose one of three colors instead of themes or formats.

Choosing the filter and videos in red.Choosing the filter and videos in red.Source: 9 to 5 Google

When accessing the banner in the mobile application, the user select a filter in red, green or blue — the colors of the RGB standard for displaying and reproducing colors in digital media.

The results are clips that feature the selected color as predominant in the videos' thumbnail image. When selecting red, for example, you will see reviews of cars in that color, news outlets with that visual identity or music videos in which the artist wears clothes in the indicated tone.

The filters in green (left) and blue (right) colors.The filters in green (left) and blue (right) colors.Source: 9 to 5 Google

Users participating in testing have reported that the feed is still quite limited and involves just under ten videos. Additionally, there is no indication of how YouTube selects clips beyond color, with criteria such as engagement or date likely being relevant.

YouTube carries out other tests with interface and even AI

The color-separated feed does not replace the home screen or channel organization from YouTube. It is just an alternative that may or may not be used by the user.

YouTube has not yet officially commented on the matter. However, this is possibly one of several experiments frequently carried out by Google with the community. This does not necessarily mean, therefore, that the feature will be rolled out to all viewers.

Some of the recent tests include more aggressive measures against ad blockers, a new space for mini-games and a tool that summarizes comments or video themes using artificial intelligence (AI).

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