10 technology news to start your day (06/02)

Good morning! We've separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you know everything that happened last Monday (05). To check each news item in full, simply click on the links below.

1. Man claims he used ChatGPT to chat with more than 5,000 women on Tinder. The author of the experiment, Aleksandr Zhadan, told X about the process of finding the perfect partner using AI.

2. Grammy 2024: See the complete list of music award winners. Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish were the highlights of the 2024 Grammys! Check out the music award winners!

3. Remote access Trojan was found in apps distributed on the Play Store. Known as VajraSpy, the malware can steal and transmit user information to the criminal.

4. Max: new streaming will correct one of HBO Max's biggest flaws in Brazil. Launch of Max brings solutions to old problems of its predecessor.

5. Why will Xbox release games on PS5? Understand possible changes from Microsoft. According to new rumors, Microsoft is preparing to launch Xbox games on PlayStation. Understand the reasons for the possible decision.

6. Import taxes on purchases over US$50 discourage consumers, research reveals. A survey commissioned by the Alibaba Group shows that more than 65% of consumers gave up purchasing after taxes above US$50 were applied.

7. Google decides to abandon classic search feature; understand. Useful mainly for validating pages and checking SEO errors, the function allowed you to view a website in the format analyzed by Google.

8. Astronomers discover new super-Earth that could be habitable. The new super-Earth has been named TOI-715b and is an exoplanet that orbits a red dwarf star in a year that lasts 19 days.

9. Apple Vision Pro breaks in resistance test carried out by YouTuber; check out. A YouTuber exposed the Apple Vision Pro to a huge range of shocks and managed to break it after a fall from an unusual height.

10. Mysterious black eggs are found in an abyss at the bottom of the sea. Researchers discovered a clutch of dark eggs nearly 4 miles deep in the ocean.

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