5 DTT HD receivers perfect to continue watching TV after the imminent blackout

We are a week away from the SD DTT channels officially disappearing to make way for DTT HD. As we have already warned you, On February 14, all channels that broadcast through DTT will have to do so in HD. If you have a relatively new television (up to 10 years old it could even be compatible) you will not have a major problem, it will only be necessary to retune to remove the SD channels from the grid and order their HD alternatives. But If you have an older television that is not compatible with HD broadcasts, you will stop watching DTT.

What can you do if this is your case? There are several solutions, but One of the simplest is to purchase a DTT receiver that is compatible with HD DTT.. It is true that we will have to make an investment, but it will be much more affordable than the one we would have to make if we want to change television (although it can be the perfect excuse to get rid of that TV that you have had for a thousand years). So if you love your current TV and don't want to get complicated with IPTV lists, all you have to do is purchase a compatible receiver. And to help you out, here we bring you 5 models that we found interesting.

With these 5 receivers for DTT HD you will have no problems continuing to watch TV from February 14

We have selected for you five receivers compatible with DTT HD based on several factors, such as brand, availability, compatibility and other characteristics. Of course any compatible receiver will work, but we found these very interesting.

5 qviart HD DTT receivers
Qviart T2+

We start with a receiver from a super well-known brand in the world of satellite receivers. He Qviart T2+ It is a receiver that equips a DVB-T2 H.265 tuner, compatible with 1,080i and 1080p video formats. It has automatic channel organization, PVR recordings and automatic timeshiftUSB 2.0 port to record and play multimedia files, media player with special function to summarize what was previously seen, subtitle support, audio change and Teletext, 7 day EPG and HDMI and Scart connectors (in case you have a very, very old television).

In short, a super complete DTT receiver. You can find the Qviart T2+ on Amazon with a price of 34.95 euros.

Qviart T2+

DVB-T2 TDT receiver for HD TDT

We continue with two models from the Edision brand. On the one hand we have the Edition PICCO T265, a receiver for DVB-T-T2 free channels. It is compatible with new reception technology DVB-T2 H.265-HEVC, which guarantees better performance. It stands out for its External USB WiFi support for apps like YouTube and for the 2in1 remote control that is ready and pre-programmed with the 4 most important functions for Samsung and LG televisions.


He PICCO T265 offers images with a resolution of up to Full HD 1080p thanks to its tuner DVB-T2 HD, which allows you to receive radio channels and HD DTT. On the other hand, is equipped with a media player that allows you to enjoy all the media saved on our USB storage devices, being compatible with MP3, JPEG, BMP, AVI, DivX, VOB, MKV, AC3 multimedia formats and many more.

You have the Edition PICCO T265 available on Amazon with a price of 27.90 euros.


DTT High Definition H265 HEVC

And the same brand also has the Edition Nano T265+which we found very interesting for those of you who are looking for a DTT HD receiver that can be “hidden” behind the television.

The Nano T265+ is a receiver in dongle format, that is, it connects directly to the HDMI port of your television, as happens for example with Amazon's Fire TV. Is compatible with DVB-T/T2 H.265/HEVC 10Bit for terrestrial channels and offers the same features as its “box” format brother.

5 EDISION Nano T265+ HD DTT receivers
Edition Nano T265+

You can find the DTT HD receiver in dongle format Edition Nano T265+ on Amazon with a price of 32.90 euros.

Edition Nano T265+

DVB-T2 DVB-T2 Terrestrial HDMI dongle receiver

We continue our selection with the Thomson THT709a compact and efficient DTT HD receiver with quick installation and easy handling. Allows you to record TV shows and series to an external USB storage device, as well as play music, videos or view images directly on the receiver. It also incorporates a 7-day electronic program guide (EPG).

5 THOMSON THT709 HD DTT receivers
Thomson THT709

Beyond what has been mentioned, the Thomson THT709 has programming of 30 events, with 4 favorite lists, USB port, compatibility with Dolby Digital Plus through the HDMI connector, Teletext and multi-language subtitles.

You can get the Thomson THT709 on Amazon with a price of 39.99 euros.



And for those of you looking to “kill two birds with one stone” we have selected the Gamme Android TV STRONG, a DTT HD receiver that also has the Android TV operating system. With this receiver we can watch digital terrestrial television thanks to its DVB-T2 tuner, but we will also transform our TV into a Smart TV thanks to Android TV. This certified by Googlewhich guarantees us access to a large number of applications, games, streaming services and much more.

5 Gamme Android TV STRONG HD DTT receivers

The SRT 420 is also equipped with features such as 4K UHD resolution, H.265 decoding, dual-band Wi-Fi 5, Chromecast and much more. It also has Google Assistant, so we can control playback using voice commands. It is equipped with two USB ports, Bluetooth 5.0, a Micro SD card slot, and HDMI and Ethernet ports.

You can get the Gamme Android TV STRONG on Amazon with a price of 69.99 euros.

Gamme Android TV STRONG

DTT HD receiver with Android TV

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