7 trending films and series to watch on Netflix over the weekend

What to watch on Netflix at the weekend? This is the question that many film and series fans ask themselves almost every week before the long-awaited days off arrive. And if, by chance, you also find yourself in this situation at the moment, don't worry, because we, at Minha Série, are here to help you find the best titles to check out on the streaming giant!

This week, Netflix received several interesting films, series, documentaries and animations in its already vast catalog. But, after all, which works are in demand within the red line at the moment?

A Modern Family actress is back in new Netflix series.

Below, see 7 productions that have been attracting a lot of attention from viewers in recent days and that could be great options for you to enjoy your weekend even more! See the list and enjoy right now!

7 – Griselda

How about starting with a hot production inspired by facts? In Griselda, Netflix's new miniseries, we have a strong drama about a woman who became a big crime boss. “Inspired by real events, this fictional drama portrays Griselda Blanco's journey from Medellín to becoming the 'Godmother' of Miami's drug trafficking empire,” says the official synopsis of the work, which stars Sofía Vergara in the lead role. .

If you like narratives with strong characters, it's worth watching!

6 – Six Nations: Full Access

Next, we have an exciting documentary series, which promises to take you behind the scenes of one of the most competitive sports in the world. In Six Nations: Full Access, “Europe's best rugby teams face off in multiple matches to find out who takes the 2023 Six Nations Championship trophy.” The British work has 8 episodes in total and promises to excite fans of competitive sports!

5 – Alexander: The Birth of a God

Do you already know the full story of Alexander the Great, one of the most famous historical figures to ever walk the Earth? So now is your chance! This week, Netflix made the dramatic series available in its catalog Alexander: The Birth of a Godwhich tells the peculiar story of the Macedonian ruler who dreamed of conquering the world.

Directed by Hugh Ballantyne, the title features interviews with experts and realistic reconstructions. Don't miss it!

4 – In Ruins

Now, if you're looking for wild action this weekend, you need to give this a try. In ruinsa new South Korean film directed by Heo Myeong Haeng that features actor Ma Dong-seok (also known as Don Lee), star of Eternals, Marvel film. “”After an earthquake turns Seoul into a lawless land, a hunter decides to rescue a teenager kidnapped by an insane doctor”, says the film's synopsis.

Get ready for strong emotions and breathtaking scenes!

3 – An American Nightmare

Currently in third position in the disputed top 10 most watched works on Netflix, An American Nightmare consists of a dark and intriguing documentary series, with a bizarre true story that will leave your mind reeling. Directed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, the work has the following synopsis: “In this 2015 true crime series, a couple is accused of staging a home invasion and a kidnapping after the victim reappears.”

An American Nightmare It only has 3 episodes and is a great choice for those who want to binge something in just one day!

2 – The Great Illusion

Speaking of Netflix's top 10, we also couldn't fail to mention the series on this list The Great Illusion, which, at the moment, is the streaming giant’s second most-watched serial. With 8 episodes in its debut season, The Great Illusion mixes drama and suspense in a very exciting way. “Former soldier Maya sees images of her murdered husband on a spy camera and discovers a fatal conspiracy that has been underway for a long time,” the plot reveals.

If you like investigations and twists, here's a tip!

1 – The Favorite

Finally, we have the film The favorite, officially released in 2018 and directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. The historical drama is based on the British royal family and features a very interesting plot, as well as a strong cast, with names such as Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult. “With Queen Anne ill and about to lose control of the kingdom in the midst of war, her faithful confidant and a young newcomer compete for the monarch's affection”, says the film's story.

So, what are you going to watch this weekend? Comment on Minha Série social media!

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