App Store change will bring Fortnite and Xbox Game Pass to iPhones and iPads

Considered the biggest change to the App Store since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple will allow iOS users to install apps that are not available in its official app store. The change has been speculated since 2022 and, as expected, will become a reality from March.

For active gamers, the news will bring positive changes: the new rules allow the launch of apps with a catalog of games for streaming globally. With the new rule, Microsoft will be able to launch the official Xbox Game Pass app on iPhones and iPads, bringing cloud gaming to the Apple ecosystem.

Cloud gaming applications will finally be able to be launched on the App Store.Cloud gaming applications will finally be able to be launched on the App Store.Source: Xbox

In addition, Nvidia GeForce Now, which allows streaming of PC games, may also gain a dedicated app on Apple devices. Currently, the solution only works on the brand's devices through the iOS browser.

The change in Apple's rules will also allow relaunch of Fornite on the App Store. According to the game's developer, the battle royale will be released on the Apple platform in an Epic Store application. A date for this to happen has not yet been revealed and, initially, the game's return to iPhones will only happen in Europe.

External applications and more changes

In addition to the return of Fortnite and the arrival of game stores, the Apple Store will finally allow the installation of applications outside the App Store. The company will also review the applications and the store so that smartphones can install them in complete safety. In other words: even though it is not located in its official store, it will still need to be reviewed by Apple to find out if everything follows quality protocols. In November, we talked about this possibility.

When downloading from outside the App Store, smartphone owners will see some screenshots and information about the application's developer. Something similar to what already happens on the Google Play Store and the App Store itself.

The user will also need to give permission for the application to access the iPhone's internal storage. And it will be possible to set an application not developed by Apple as the default.

More news announced for iOS 17.4

Before the change, iOS browser developers were required to use Apple's WebKit display engine. Starting in March, it will be possible to use other engines and, when a new iPhone is configured, options other than Safari can be installed.

iOS 17.4 has already entered betaiOS 17.4 has already entered betaSource: MacRumors

Apple's NFC is also being unlocked: with the change, it will be possible to make payments without interference from Apple Pay. A 3% fee will be charged to developers who choose to use Apple's payment platforms.

There will also be a reduction in the commission of 10% to 17% and the technology fee, (charged for each annual installation) for applications with more than 1 million downloads, will be 0.50 euro cents (R$2.66 in direct conversion).

It is worth noting that, initially, most of the changes will only be valid in European Union countries. With this in mind, there is still no estimate for the release of all new resources for Brazil.

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