Google Maps for Android starts to show climatic conditions

The Google Maps app for Android is getting a new feature in the form of an update. The novelty is a icon with information on the climatic conditions of the region where you are.

The news was spotted by 9 to 5 Google and is currently being made available to users. This means that some people from certain regions may take a few days to access the appeal, which includes the Brazilian territory.

The resource in the form of a small rectangle in the left corner of the screen includes temperature, climate (such as rain, sunny or cloudy weather) and until the air quality index in the region (AQI).

The icon and additional weather information.The icon and additional weather information.Source: 9 to 5 Google

When you tap the icon, you are redirected to a screen with more information about these topics. These are the same data you already access normally through other native applications, such as Google's own search engine.

Interestingly, this information It has been available for some time in the Google Maps app for iOS. However, only now has it started to appear in the app for Google's own mobile operating system.

More news on Google Maps

Google's location and navigation service has received a series of new features in recent months. Recently, for example, the app gained a 'tourist guide' powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

In another test, the platform started to automatically illustrate restaurant menus. This addition makes it easier to discover new establishments that have not yet completed their profile, for example.

Specifically on Android, additions include a new Bluetooth navigation format and the change in the map color scheme, which made the service more like Apple's rival.

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