Apple sold around 180,000 units of Vision Pro in pre-sale, according to analyst

Apple had good results in the first weekend of pre-sales of the Vision Pro. Estimates indicate that the company sold “something between 160 thousand and 180 thousand units” of the mixed reality headset in recent days.

The data comes from analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who usually has hot information about Apple and carried out the calculation based on pre-sale stock and estimated shipping time. Kuo himself had predicted that the initial launch of the device would reach a maximum of 80 thousand units sold.

However, he appears to have underestimated the reserves. Currently, all variants of the device are sold out on Apple's website and the estimated delivery time for new purchases is up to seven weeks.

Headset is still considered a “niche product”

Despite the positive numbers, Kuo reinforces that the Apple Vision Pro is not seen as a possible sales phenomenon by the company, even more so compared to products like the iPhone.

Due to the high price and more specific uses, the headset should only be purchased by a small portion of the brand's fans.

Apple CEO Tim Cook next to a Vision Pro.Apple CEO Tim Cook next to a Vision Pro.Source: GettyImages

The analyst also believes that demand could fall quickly “after the most fanatical customers and immediate users” reserve your units. According to previous forecasts, the company has a stock of up to 500 thousand units manufactured for 2024.

Apple Vision Pro sales officially start on February 2ndthat of 2024 in the United States. There, the headset costs from US$3,500 — or around R$17,200 in direct currency conversion.

Despite also selling the device online, the company's idea is to convince the consumer through a personalized demonstration of the headset in in-person stores, in an experience that lasts around 25 minutes.

By the end of the first half of the year, the device should be available in other markets not yet detailed by the company. There is still no confirmation that it will be sold in Brazil.

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