Avatar: main cast character will be 'less sexist' in Netflix series

The new live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender for the Netflix is bringing some significant changes to the classic characters. According to the production's creators, one of the biggest updates is in Sokka, played by Ian Ousley.

The series promises a “less sexist” approach to the character, in contrast to the original animated version. According to the team, the change reflects a conscious effort by the creators to adapt the story for a contemporary audience.

Sokka will be 'less sexist' in the Netflix series.Sokka will be 'less sexist' in the Netflix series.Source: Nickelodeon/Netflix

A new vision for Sokka

In recent interviews, Ian Ousley and Kiawentiio, the actress who plays Katara, Sokka's sister, shared some information about the evolution of their characters in the new version. They highlighted an effort by the production team to adapt the young man to a more contemporary and egalitarian vision.

The creators' objective is to eliminate sexist behaviors and speeches that marked some of the character's moments in the animation. This change reflects Netflix's greater commitment to presenting a narrative that reflects the current values ​​of its audience, promoting a more balanced and respectful representation of genders.

In addition to the changes to Sokka, the live-action promises other significant news. Showrunner Albert Kim revealed that the series will not follow exactly the same narrative line as the animated series, introducing new elements and expanding themes such as the genocide of the Air people and the rise of the Fire Nation.

This decision aims to offer a new and captivating experience, even for longtime fans, while remaining true to the spirit of Aang's original story and his mission to restore balance to the world.

Expectation and nostalgia for the return of Avatar

Source: Netflix

The decision to tone down Sokka's machismo has sparked discussion among fans, with many supporting the character's update to reflect a more egalitarian society, while others express curiosity about how this and other changes will affect the characters' dynamics and development. Sokka's journey in animation, which led him to learn and abandon his prejudiced views, was an important aspect, raising questions about how his trajectory will be portrayed in the new adaptation, especially in relation to Suki.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix is ​​set to debut on February 22nd, promising to bring a mix of familiarity and innovation. With an updated approach to the characters and story, the series seeks to not only pay homage to the source material, but also expand that universe to capture the imagination of a new generation of viewers, while offering longtime fans a new perspective on the epic. saga of Aang and his friends.

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