Baby Bandito: discover the real story that inspired the Netflix series

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Netflix's new Chilean production, Baby Bandito (2024), has been winning over audiences who love true crime series! Available since January 31st, the 8-episode plot is inspired by a true case that shocked the world in 2014.

Known as the “Robbery of the Century”, the great robbery at Santiago Airport is just one of the events that actually happened in the life of Kevin Olguín, the real Baby Bandito, who in the series is portrayed as Kevin Tapia.

Despite the scenes of pure adrenaline, played by actors Francisca Armstrong, Pablo Macaya and Carmen Zabala, the plot is a fantasy version of reality.

See below what is the real story that served as inspiration for the plot of Baby Bandito and what happened to one of the criminals who carried out the biggest robbery ever seen in Chile!

Who is the real Kevin Tapia?

Kevin Olguín Sepulveda was a young skateboarder when he joined a gang of robbers to invade Santiago International Airport and steal 6 billion pesos (11 million dollars) of the Brink bond transport truck.

The robbery was a success for the criminals, who managed to escape and leave no trace. As the police investigation progressed, the robbers were arrested except for one, Kevin.

The gang member fled to Italy with part of the stolen money and his girlfriend – the character Genesis in the series. For two years, the couple lived a life of luxury, traveling to the Caribbean and Europe and using fake identities.

Until, in June 2016, Baby Bandito was identified in Barcelona, arrested by Spanish police and extradited to his country of origin by Interpol. At the time, the couple had a 3-month-old son.

Kevin Olguín and Nicolás Contreras as Kevin Tapia in the series.Kevin Olguín and Nicolás Contreras as Kevin Tapia in the series.Source: DMT/Reproduction

Upon arriving in Chile, Kevin was tried and sentenced to four years in prison. Contrary to what was shown in the series, he was not considered the “head” of the gang by the authorities, which is why he received a light sentence.

Before being incarcerated, the young man managed to escape again and continued to get involved with criminal gangs for the next two years. In 2018, he was arrested again for possession of weapons and ammunition.

The last news involving Kevin's name was when he was caught stealing from a cigarette delivery truck in 2021. He is currently serving a sentence in prison.. As for the money stolen in 2014, authorities recovered only 10% of the amount.

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