Facebook vs WhatsApp: this is how they are going to scam you depending on which platform you use and you must protect yourself

We can say that both Facebook as WhatsApp, are two of the most used platforms. Although they are different, both serve to stay in touch with friends and family. The hackers They know that they are popular services, so they can look for ways to try to scam, sneak in malware, and take over those accounts. However, they do not act the same in both. We are going to tell you the main thing you should know to protect yourself.

Phishing attacks, viruses, fake applications… Actually, there are many methods that cybercriminals use on the Internet to steal accounts of all kinds. Being prepared, knowing how to act and having the devices ready, will be key to not having problems and preventing Facebook or WhatsApp from being stolen, for example.

How they scam on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp attack methods, they are usually through starting a conversation. It is something more direct, more personal. They will contact you and pretend to be a company, friend or even family member. They may start to engage in a normal conversation and gain trust. From there, they could ask you to do something, such as send money, click on a link, etc.

Also, they can scam you through assumptions discount codes and offers. Especially during special times, such as Christmas, they could send fake codes from Amazon and other stores. What they are looking for is for you to download a file, enter a link or share some type of data.

Another option is to send some malicious file, for example through a group, so that you fall into the trap and download it. It can be an image, an application, a PDF file… The range of options is very wide.

How to protect yourself? Without a doubt, the most important thing is common sense. Do not start a conversation with unknown numbers, nor click on links that you receive or download files that may be fraudulent. It is always key to avoid errors of this type in order to reduce the risk of computer attacks.

Alert your family about this WhatsApp attack

Facebook attack methods

And, what are the attacks that can come to you through Facebook? We can say that they are less personal. You can always receive a private message through this platform, but it is more common for cybercriminals to seek to attack more generally, to reach more victims. For example, they can use fake profiles to share content and reach others, access pages where many users comment and sneak in a fraudulent link, etc.

Also, it is quite common to find Applications fake Facebook pages or add-ons that we can install. Really, they are a fraud and they are simply going to get us to install that software to steal personal information, passwords, etc. They could even sell fake products through buy and sell pages within the social network.

On Facebook, it is key to have a private profile and be careful with any friend request let it reach you. They can use this method to try to get close to you and send you a fake link or trick you in some way and end up taking over your account.

In short, these are some of the most common methods they can use to scam you through WhatsApp or Facebook. It is essential that you take security measures, that you are protected and do not make mistakes. Just as you can know if an SMS is a fraud, you can check it with a WhatsApp or Facebook message.

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