Free game on Steam has you playing a nun who helps the devil

Steam Vem Aí 2024 started last Monday (5) and is already featuring some standout games. Among them is INDIKA, a game that has a somewhat bizarre and controversial premise: putting the player in control of a nun, who is helped by none other than the devil himself.

The game is distributed by 11 Bit Studios, the same person responsible for The Invincibleand has a demo version available for free — but there is no confirmed release date yet.

Voxel played INDIKA and tells you all the details about this game, which promises to give you something to talk about. Check out!

A nun in constant questioning

This is the phrase that best defines the plot of INDIKA. It takes place in an alternative version of Russia, in the 19th century, where you take control of a nun who goes through a series of questions regarding her religion.

The plot promises questions regarding religion and some surprises.The plot promises questions regarding religion and some surprises.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

With that, she sets out on a journey that explores the very nature of good versus evil. And to help with this, she will have the help of the devil himself who, throughout the adventure, will be a kind of second voice to help with her decision-making.

Unfortunately, as much as the plot is interesting due to all these issues raised, and a promise from the producer of ethical dilemmas in religious circles, the demo version shows little of this. It starts with the character helping a man, who says he is an ex-convict. After helping with her injuries, she takes off on her motorcycle (yes, a motorcycling nun), heading to a safe place, and that's where the demo begins once and for all.

The nun has a kind of motorcycle to travel around the game.The nun has a kind of motorcycle to travel around the game.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

Gameplay focused on exploration and changing worlds

Along the way they end up passing through some troubles, the biggest of which is a huge fierce dog on their trail. This dog ends up being the great supporting character of the demo, as it is responsible for ensuring good scares and deaths, in addition to an ending that raises a question about how animals are innocent and man, in turn, a great sinner.

You also need to explore some houses and locations to solve puzzles, which require certain tools or keys. And finally, there is also a moment where the nun goes through a kind of change of worlds, where, when she stops saying her prayers, she comes into contact with what appears to be a parallel version of hell. You have to switch between them to find a specific path, since the platforms behave differently on each one.

At times you will have to switch between the real world and hell.At times you will have to switch between the real world and hell.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

Regarding gameplay, there is nothing very complex, or that hasn't been presented before. As previously stated, at times it will be necessary to “pray” to change plans. This toggle is only done with the right mouse button in the tested PC version. Other than that, just action commands and another to run.

What caught our attention was a kind of experience bar that counted points. They were won over with each item found, or action performed successfully, such as taking books and images of saints. But I confess that I didn't understand much, since in the version it appears a little populated, and there are no tutorials indicating its purpose.

Lighting candles for Santos also pays off "experience points".Lighting candles for Santos also earns “experience points”.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

Finally, the look leaves nothing to be desired. Running on a PC equipped with a GeForce 3080, I was able to run the game with all graphics options at maximum, extracting all that it has to offer in terms of graphics. However, the empty scenarios make the game's performance easier, as there was no drop in performance throughout the demo.

INDIKA Does it have potential?

Although the demo provided is too short to even reach a verdict, it is possible to say that at least INDIKA will give you something to talk about. And the main reason is precisely its plot, not only because it puts the player in control of a nun helped by the devil, but because of the various questions that, in this short demonstration alone, were enough to mess up our minds a little.

INDIKA promises to raise many controversies,INDIKA promises to raise many controversies,Source: Reproduction / Voxel

And you, what are your expectations for the launch of INDIKA? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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