Jack Reacher: discover the character's books from the Prime Video series

One of the most popular series on Prime Video is Reacher, which tells the story of a former United States Army soldier, Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson), on his dangerous missions. The plot is adapted from the books by Lee Child, the pseudonym used by James Dover Grant.

Even before the series, the character was played by Tom Cruise in two films: Jack Reacher – The Last Shot2012, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Backfrom 2016. The books that inspired the film and television productions are part of an extensive series written by Lee Child, each with an adventure more dangerous than the other.

If you like the series and films of Jack Reacher, or were curious to learn more about his story, Minha Série listed all the books ever published about the character. Not all of them were released in Brazil, so their titles were not translated.

Check out the full list!

Prime Video's Reacher seriesPrime Video's Reacher seriesSource: Prime Video/Disclosure

Dirty Money (1997)

The first Jack Reacher book, Dirty money, was released in 1997, beginning the character's story. It all starts when he discovers that his brother, Joe, was murdered for investigating a criminal scheme.

Dirty money was the inspiration for the first season of the Prime Video series.

Fate: Hell (1998)

In Destination: Hell, Jack Reacher is strolling through Chicago when he meets Holly Johnson, a woman who appears to be in need of help. When he gets closer, he realizes that she is pointing a gun at his stomach and, together, they begin to face a real “hell”.

Final Alert (1999)

In the book Final Alert, Jack Reacher is living a lonely life in South Florida. His job is to dig swimming pools and take care of security at a strip club. But the calm ends when an investigator looking for the protagonist is murdered by two strangers.

Blind Hunt (2000)

The history of Blind Hunt, the fourth Jack Reacher book, is set against the murder of Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cook. Of course, the protagonist becomes the main suspect of the crime, as he knew them.

Mirage in Flames (2001)

Living in Texas, in the book Mirage in Flames ex-military Jack Reacher gets a ride with Carmen, a woman who has a daughter and her abusive husband is in prison. The two get involved and soon the protagonist is tied to new dangers.

Secret Service (2002)

Wandering between cities in the United States, Jack Reacher receives a dangerous job offer: assassinate the country's vice president. The protagonist is chosen for the task of testing national security because he is an experienced former police officer.

Reacher has two seasons on Prime VideoReacher has two seasons on Prime VideoSource: Prime Video/Disclosure

Reckoning (2003)

In Reckoning, a book released in 2003, Jack Reacher reunites with a man from his past who was presumed dead 10 years ago. Now, Jack realizes that justice has not been served and goes undercover to infiltrate, and needs to use his intelligence to get out of this alive.

The story of this book will be adapted for the third season of the Prime Video series.

The Enemy (2004)

In the book The enemy, we follow a story that begins in North Carolina, in a hotel, when a general is found dead. The fatality occurred due to an alleged heart attack that occurred while he was with a call girl.

So, Jack Reacher is hired to hush up the case and not let the general's name be tarnished in the United States army. But everything changes when Reacher discovers that one of the man's briefcases is missing.

The Last Shot (2005)

In The last shot, five people are shot dead by an expert in a quiet town. With no apparent motive for the crime, the accused is soon arrested, but claims to be innocent. Now, it's up to Jack Reacher to try to solve the case.

For Good or for Bad (2006)

For better or for worse takes place in New York, when Jack Reacher chases the car of a man who is carrying a million dollars in his luggage, and also a criminal. During the investigation, the ex-soldier finds himself in the middle of something more dangerous than it seems.

Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)

In Bad Luck or Trouble, Reacher receives an amount deposited into his bank account, coming from an anonymous source. It doesn't take long for the protagonist to realize that the number is a code that only eight former members of his team would know how to use. What mystery are they hiding?

The book was adapted for the second season of Reacher.

Nothing to Lose (2008)

The book Nothing to Lose takes place in Hope, Colorado, when Jack Reacher encounters an unwelcome visitor. So, he begins to investigate the whereabouts of this mysterious person and why the city's inhabitants are not welcoming to visitors.

Reacher has already been renewed for a third season.Reacher has already been renewed for a third season.Source: Prime Video/Disclosure

Gone Tomorrow (2009)

In Gone Tomorrow, Reacher is bothered by the passengers on a subway trip. Soon, he recalls his list of suicide bombers and realizes that the place may be in danger. The case, however, is full of layers and Jack has a big mystery to solve.

61 Hours (2010)

The book 61 Hours takes place in South Dakota, when a tour bus is crashed during a severe snowstorm. Jack Reacher was inside the vehicle and, once again, finds himself in new dangers.

Worth Dying For (2010)

Worth Dying For takes place in a rural town in Nebraska, more precisely in a hotel bar, when a drunk doctor refuses to treat a victim of domestic violence. Jack Reacher gets involved in the story, forcing the doctor to treat the woman, while he himself breaks the accused's nose.

Now, the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a dangerous case of a smuggling network in which the victim's husband is involved.

The Affair (2011)

The book The Affair takes place in the past, in Mississippi, when Jack Reacher was still in the army. In the story, he becomes involved in the case of the murder of the girlfriend of one of the soldiers, who died a violent death. The protagonist then undertakes an investigation full of risks.

A Wanted Man (2012)

In the history of the book The Wanted Man, Jack Reacher tries to get to the state of Virginia and hitches a ride with a group of two men and a woman. Meanwhile, the police discover that a man was stabbed at a gas station, and Reacher suspects that the woman in the vehicle was kidnapped.

Never Go Back (2013)

Never Go Back takes place after the book 61 Hours, when Reacher disembarks at his destination in Virginia. Arriving at his old unit, he discovers that the new commander has been arrested, and Jack is also taken into custody to face trial for two crimes he allegedly committed while still serving in the army.

The book was adapted into the 2016 action film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Backwith Tom Cruise as the protagonist.

Tom Cruise was Jack Reacher in theatersTom Cruise was Jack Reacher in theatersSource: Paramount Pictures/Disclosure

A Personal Question (2014)

In A Personal Questiona book published in 2014, Reacher needs to find out who shot the president of France in a long-distance assassination attempt.

Make Me (2015)

make me, a 2015 book, features Jack Reacher helping a woman named Michelle Chang find a colleague who has disappeared. The story takes place in a fictional agrarian town called Mother's Rest.

Night School (2016)

Night School takes place in the past, in early 1996, when Reacher is still in the army. The protagonist is assigned to a secret task and ventures into an international mission that involves a million-dollar sum of money.

The Midnight Line (2017)

The Midnight Line takes place after the book make me, when Michelle Chang separates from the protagonist. Now, Jack Reacher's adventure is set against the investigation of illegal opiate trafficking.

Past Tense (2018)

In Past Tense, Jack Reacher travels to visit the place where his father was born, but ends up taking a detour in Laconia, a city in New Hampshire. During the visit, he ends up discovering his patriarch's dangerous past.

Blue Moon (2019)

In Blue Moonreleased in 2019, Jack gets off a bus to help a victim, but finds himself in the middle of a fight between two rival gangs.

The Sentinel (2020)

In the book The Sentinel, Jack Reacher once again hitches a ride, this time to Pleasantville. There, he ends up getting involved in a kidnapping.

Better Off Dead (2021)

Heading to the city of San Francisco, California, Jack Reacher sees a wrecked car near a city that borders Arizona. While providing help, he discovers that an occupant is looking for her twin brother, a violent criminal.

No Plan B (2022)

Launched in 2022, the book On Plan B brings Jack Reacher witnessing a woman throwing herself in front of a bus in an apparent suicide. However, the protagonist managed to see that she was pushed by a thief, which would be just a detail of a secret conspiracy.

The Secret (2023)

The Secret Go back to 1992, when former US government scientists are dying mysteriously. So, defense department leaders set up a security agency to investigate the case, which includes Jack Reacher.

In Too Deep (2024)

The book In Too Deep puts Jack Reacher in trouble once again, waking up tied to a bed in the dark and without any of his personal belongings. Furthermore, the character also has no memory.

The next book in the saga will be released on October 29, 2024.

The series Reacher is available in two seasons on Prime Video, and the films can be watched on Netflix, Star+ and Globoplay. And have you ever read a book by Jack Reacher? What is your favorite? Tell us on Minha Série’s social networks.

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