Palworld: how to play multiplayer on Xbox and PC

Unless you're living in a cave, you've probably come across at least one print with the hilarious location of Palworld, the new game known affectionately by the community as “shooting Pokémon”. The game, which is currently in early access, recently arrived in the Xbox Game Pass catalog and on Steam.

In Palworld, players explore a world full of creatures known as Pals, which has obviously led to a good laugh with the unusual situations and phrases of the game's translation into our language. But leaving the Pals aside (hehe, no double meaning), the focus of today's text is to teach you how to enjoy the strange and fun adventure alongside friends and strangers.

How to play Palworld multiplayer

It's a difficult task to talk about this game without the spirit of the fifth series returning with force, but we'll try (but without guarantees). In addition to being able to venture alone through the wonderful world, full of adventures and dangers of Palworldyou can share the joy of exploring the map by riding Pals alongside friends and even strangers.

In addition to serving as mounts, the creatures can do all kinds of actions: you can use your Pal to beat enemies, breed and even help with manual tasks, working on farms and factories, for example. To enjoy playing with other people, you can enable multiplayer mode and enjoy public matches with up to 32 other simultaneous players or on smaller servers, for just 4 players.

If you want to travel long distances faster, just ride one of the Pals available in the game.Source: Pocketpair/Disclosure

Game progression in multiplayer mode is based on a guild system, meaning that all progress made during the match benefits the group base. But there is a catch: unless you are using one of the public servers, everything that is done in terms of improving the base, exploring the map, etc. he is restricted to the player base hosting the match. For groups that want to always play together and on the same server, this may not be a big deal, but it is something to consider.

To invite friends to join your server, simply go to the game options and pass the game code to the class. If the code is not appearing, you must first enable multiplayer mode.

Does Palworld have crossplay?

The answer to this question is somewhat specious. Yes, Palworld Has crossplay between PC and Xbox, as long as the game is purchased from the Xbox store or downloaded from Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass. If you have the game on the console and your friends play on Steam, things are different: so far, It is impossible to participate in cross servers between Steam and Xbox.

Although there is no crossplay between Steam and Xbox yet, you can explore the world and train your Pals alongside friends on PC and Microsoft consoles.Although there is no crossplay between Steam and Xbox yet, you can explore the world and train your Pals alongside friends on PC and Microsoft consoles.Source: Pocketpair/Disclosure

In other words, PC folks have the option of purchasing the game from the Valve store and playing with friends via Steam or getting it from the Microsoft Store and playing with the Xbox folks. But unfortunately, Console gamers do not have the option of using Pal to fight alongside their colleague who plays on Steam.

However, the devs have already announced that they are working on a way to integrate Steam servers with Xbox servers so that players on both platforms can enjoy the game together, improving their Pals side by side.

When does Palworld come out on PS5?

For now, according to Pocketpair studio, there are no plans to release Palworld at the PlayStation 5 in the near future. However, there is still hope: in an FAQ (a publication of frequently asked questions and answers) on Steam, the developers stated that although it is not in the plans for now, it's possible that PS5 players will be able to play with Pals in the future.

Although the possibility has not been ruled out, a PS5 version is not yet in the Pocket Pair studio's plans.Although the possibility has not been ruled out, a PS5 version is not yet in the Pocket Pair studio's plans.Source: Pocketpair/Disclosure

The team behind the game that has been making waves in recent days should consider a port for the Sony console during the development of the game — which, remember, is still in the early access phase.

At the moment, Palworld It is in the testing phase and already has versions for Xbox and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam.

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