Silent Hill 2: see a comparison of the original game with the remake

The remake of Silent Hill 2, without a doubt, has been awaited by fans of the work for a long time. Fortunately (or not), Konami heard the fans' prayers and decided to embark on this venture with Bloober Team, a video game studio The Medium which will give new air to James Sunderland's sad journey on PS5.

More official images of the reimagining were even released at State of Play last Wednesday (31) — and there are already several videos out there comparing the new version with the original game, released in 2001 on the PS2. Check out some of them below:

As reported on the PS Blog in October 2022, the remake of Silent Hill 2 is being developed based on Unreal Engine 5 and will feature two new features: Lumen and Nanite, which can take “graphics to new levels, highly detailed and realistic, while elevating the game's edgy atmosphere.” .

Furthermore, the game will take advantage of all new generation features, so expect 3D audio (with the WWise sound engine), DualSense support and, of course, extremely fast loading due to the SSD.

Is it very different from the original?

Generally, this type of content is a great yardstick for comparing a remake to the original game. The latest trailer, of course, highlighted all the Bloober Team's work on many of the remake's scenarios. Silent Hill 2 — which will be quite familiar to longtime fans.

The settings in Silent Hill 2 are very beautiful.The settings in Silent Hill 2 are very beautiful.Source: PS Blog

Naturally, now these scenarios are visually redesigned and with some specific changes that give new air to the game's atmosphere. The city streets are also chilling and convey an uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability, just like in the classic.

In addition to the new high definition textures, the remake of Silent Hill 2 it also gives the impression of being more frightening, especially in the sections where James needs to explore dark corridors and alleys. Well, the atmosphere of the game, as well as the numerous puzzles, seem to be very faithful to the original experience.

Remake of Silent Hill 2 divided opinions on the networks

Apparently, not everything will be rosy for the remake of Silent Hill 2. Shortly after the presentation of the gameplay trailer at State of Play, many fans took to social media to complain about some aspects, mainly combat, the camera and enemy animations.

“The year is 2007, silent Hill is handed over to a developer with a poor track record.

The year is 2012, silent Hill is handed over to a developer with a poor track record.

The year is 2024, silent Hill is handed over to a developer with a poor track record.”

Well, it's impossible to look at the remake and not notice a notable evolution compared to the original 2001 game. The movement, the camera and especially the combat of the classic are some aspects that have aged very poorly — of course, they are elements that suited the game well. reality of the time.

The combat in the remake of Silent Hill 2 surprised some fans.The combat in the remake of Silent Hill 2 surprised some fans.Source: PS Blog

The big problem here is that the quality of the current remakes ended up creating a very high standard for nostalgics. resident Evil 4 It is Dead Spacetwo of the great reimaginings of 2023, were impeccably presented and executed, redefining the original experiences at high performance.

Therefore, fans' questions regarding the remake of Silent Hill 2 are valid — especially because Konami also has as much experience as Capcom and EA with video games. But was the choice of Bloober Team, which doesn't have such a good track record, the right one for a project of this importance?

It's worth remembering that the reimagining will first come out on PS5 and PC. After 12 months, the temporary exclusivity on the Sony console will end. The date, however, has not yet been set. — but it is scheduled for 2024.

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