Can they spy on you with your cell phone camera? Do this and avoid problems

Yes, just as with the computer, they could also spy on you through your mobile camera or a tablet. In the event that a cybercriminal infects the device, she will be able to take control and, among other things, could use the camera to make recordings. We are going to explain to you how they could attack you and what you should do to avoid problems and always keep your security safe.

Today's mobile phones not only have one camera, but they have at least two: one on the back and one on the front. Therefore, it is difficult to escape if a hacker manages to infect the device and take control. You would have problems, since it could record you without you knowing, whether by one camera or another.

How they infect the mobile phone to use the camera

Cybercriminals will have several options to infect the phone and gain illegitimate access to the camera. Something common is that they achieve it through malware. They could sneak in some type of virus with which to take control of the device and the camera. For example, through a fake file sent to you by email, a fraudulent application that has permissions to access the camera, or a fake update.

They will also be able exploit vulnerabilities that may be on the device. They could even gain unauthorized remote access through buggy programs. With this, they will be able to control the device and see through the camera or listen through the mobile microphone.

In the latter case, they could even use some legitimate app for it. What happen? If you have a program installed to make video calls, for example, you need to accept that it has access to the camera. If that application had any vulnerability, then an attacker could exploit it and use the program maliciously.

Therefore, it is possible for them to spy on you through your mobile camera. Furthermore, it is not so easy to see that they are actually doing it. However, you can take into account things like strange applications appearing, the phone starting to malfunction, the battery draining quickly, etc.

Pre-installed malware on the mobile

Protect yourself

It is essential that you take measures to protect yourself and avoid problems of this type. For example, you should not install applications from unofficial sources. Always make sure to lower the programs from legitimate sites, reliable, such as application stores like Google Play. Although there is always the risk of coming across a malicious app, they will pass a filter and it is much less likely.

It is also advisable to have security programs. A good antivirus could detect threats that you have on your mobile. It is essential that you only use those that are guaranteed, that will really protect you. A very useful way to detect and remove malicious software you may have.

Furthermore, another factor to take into account is the importance of maintaining updated the device. Attackers could exploit vulnerabilities, so it is essential that you have the latest versions. You must apply this to the operating system itself, but also to the applications you have installed.

In short, it is important that you avoid being spied on through your mobile camera. It's something that could happen if you make mistakes, so you need to make sure you stay safe at all times. Take care of all the details and you will avoid a wide variety of computer attacks.

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