This new page is going to be your best ally to avoid being scammed on the Internet

For detect scams on the internet, fake links and malware, you can use different tools. For example, you could install a good antivirus on the device. In this article we are going to talk to you about a new website with which you can analyze if a link is dangerous. It is very easy to use and can be of great help to prevent you from falling into the trap of Phishing, something that could lead to password theft.

This is a new online service that they have created since NordVPN. Is called Link Checker and its objective is none other than to be able to analyze any link you put there. It will check for different types of malware as well as Phishing scams. Once it checks it, it sends a message indicating whether it is a reliable website or not.

Website to review NordVPN scams

It must be taken into account that each time the Phishing pages They are more realistic. Hackers work to make it look like a trustworthy site, even if it is actually a scam. This makes it more difficult to detect deception, at least with the naked eye. That's where this NordVPN tool comes into play, which you can see on their website.

Its operation is intuitive and simple. As soon as you enter, you will see a bar to enter any address. Once you enter the URL, you just have to click Analysis. There you can put, for example, a link that you have received by email or SMS and you suspect that it may be a scam to steal your personal data or passwords.

Analyze link with NordVPN

Once you hit Analysis, check if it is reliable or not. If there is no problem, a green box will appear indicating that this website does not show signs of malicious activity. If it detected something strange, then it would indicate that it could be a Phishing attack and you should avoid sharing personal data.

Check the security of a web page

Large database

From NordVPN, they assure that they have information on 95% of domains most popular ones that have been spoofed to launch Phishing attacks. Therefore, it can help you detect many security threats of this type, something that is very present today. They could create fake pages to steal Netflix, Facebook, email, bank accounts…

However, the common sense. Regardless of supporting us on pages like this, you should always ensure that you do not log in through a link you have received, whether by email, SMS, social media or anywhere else. It may be a scam and should be avoided. Always enter from official pages or applications that you have downloaded from reliable sites.

You must maintain other precautions at all times, such as having the latest versions or installing a good antivirus to help you. If malware sneaks onto your device, reducing the risk as much as possible will be essential. Do not make the mistake of browsing unprotected, as your access codes could be stolen or your computer controlled.

In short, there is a new option to analyze the security of a link. This will help you avoid Phishing attacks that could steal your passwords or personal data. Be careful with any link they send you by SMS or email.

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