Windows 11 update is causing problems on the desktop and other apps

Windows 11's latest optional update causes problems with File Explorer and other programs, users report. Build KB5034204 It can generate bugs in the interface and failures even in the installation process.

Complaints about the update's problems are piling up on Microsoft's Feedback Hub and on social media, according to the Windows Latest. The first problem is the installation error. Users claim that the process can be interrupted by an error identified as 0x8007000d.

The KB5034204 update presents problems even during the installation process.The KB5034204 update presents problems even during the installation process.Source: Microsoft/Reproduction

Even with the installation complete, the package is not free from problems. Other reports mention that File Explorer and Taskbar become unresponsive.

The bugs don't stop there. Users also say that the Desktop may eventually become completely blank, Explorer.exe may stop responding when shutting down the system, and the Recycle Bin may become inaccessible.

Optional Windows 11 Upgrade

Package KB5034204 is distributed optionally, so is not installed by default on all computers. Now that you are aware of the problems, you are advised to avoid the update, at least until Microsoft fixes them.

For now, There is no forecast of when the package will be fixed. However, it shouldn't take long for Microsoft to become aware of the problems.

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