X (formerly Twitter) blocks searches for Taylor Swift after explicit AI images go viral

Explicit images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) of singer Taylor Swift went viral on X, formerly Twitter, recently. As a countermeasure, the platform blocked searches related to the artist.

According to the The Verge, one of the publications has already reached more than 45 million views, 24 thousand republications and hundreds of thousands of likes. Just 17 hours after the post, the responsible account in question was suspended for violating the platform's rules.

OX, formerly Twitter, tries to contain the circulation of false images.OX, formerly Twitter, tries to contain the circulation of false images.Source: GettyImages

Days later, some of the fake images were still circulating on the social network. O The Verge pointed out that the term “Taylor Swift AI” has become one of the most discussed topics in some regions.

Checking the website 404 Media concluded that the images emerged from a group on Telegram, where explicit images of celebrities generated by AI are shared. The group uses the Microsoft Designer program to create the files.

X speaks out about the content

Faced with the popularization of false content, X spoke out through one of the platform's official profiles.

“Posting non-consensual nude images is strictly prohibited on X and we have a zero tolerance policy towards this type of content. Our teams are actively removing all identified images and taking appropriate action against the accounts responsible for posting them. them”, explained the company.

“We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure that any future violations are addressed immediately and that the content is removed,” he added.

As a more drastic measure, X blocked searches related to the singer, head of commercial operations, Joe Benarroch, confirmed to the BBC newspaper. According to the executive, this is a temporary action to prioritize network security.

This Monday (29), if the user tries to search for “Taylor Swift” using the X search engine, they will be sent to an error screen.

OX temporarily blocked searches related to Taylor Swift.OX temporarily blocked searches related to Taylor Swift.Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

Taylor Swift's fan base criticized X for the delay in reacting to the posts, and for some of them still being available on the platform. As a countermeasure, the community tried to hide the images with real clips of the singer using hashtags.

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