XGIMI RS 10 Mini, a portable laser projector with which we can project on any surface

XGIMI, a well-known manufacturer in the world of projectors, has launched the RS 10 Mini, a new compact laser projector that has attracted a lot of attention due to its advanced features and the technology hidden inside. It is a projector with a design that will allow us to move it around the house, and with a support with which we can tilt and rotate the projector to use it on practically any surface we can imagine. Although it has a similar design to the XGIMI HORIZON Max that we saw a few days ago, it is a totally different concept.

The RS 10 Mini has a 1080p native resolution, which is not very common for a portable device. On the other hand, use the Dual Light 2.0 technologywhich uses an advanced tri-color laser to achieve a brightness of up to 800 ISO lumens. The projector is capable of covering 110% of the BT.2020 color gamut for more accurate color reproduction, in addition to having low aberration and chromatic dispersion certifications, which improves its visual quality.

This compact projector from XGIMI is designed with visual comfort in mind, with low blue light emission and MEMC technology for smooth motion. Supports HDR10 and HLG formatswhich will allow us to improve the dynamic range of supported content. The projector also has an A+ level certification from SGS, which certifies its high standards in image quality and eye safety.

XGIMI RS 10 Mini: a projector designed for watching movies in any room

XGIMI RS 10 Mini projector overview

One of the most notable features of the RS 10 Mini is its rotating gimbal design. This allows a 140° tilt rotation and one 360° horizontal rotation, which translates into flexible and versatile positioning for projection. Includes a 3D ToF module and a high precision CMOS camera modulewhich facilitates omnidirectional correction and automatic screen alignment, even managing to intelligently avoid obstacles.

Regarding the audio part, the XGIMI RS 10 Mini has a Integrated 24W sound system, compatible with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. This audio configuration promises a good sound experience for when we cannot use the projector with external sound equipment. And when it comes to connectivity, the RS 10 Mini offers multiple options, including wireless screen streaming over Wi-Fi, HDMI 2.0 with ARC support (Audio Return Channel) and USB 2.0 ports. These interfaces allow you to connect multiple devices directly to the projector.

In terms of design, the XGIMI RS 10 Mini is compact and lightweight. Includes a hidden handle so that we can move the projector with some comfort. It also has a quite elegant design, with a textured fabric front finish and a nice cream color, suitable for various environments. Finally, the XGIMI RS 10 Mini arrives with the GMUI 6.0 operating system built-in, which offers voice control.

XGIMI RS 10 Mini projector rotates

As we mentioned at the beginning, The XGIMI RS 10 Mini laser projector has generated great interest among consumers. It offers a similar concept to what we have seen in, for example, the Samsung The Freestyle. That is, a relatively portable projection system that we can take from one room to another to enjoy our leisure time.

Unfortunately the XGIMI RS 10 Mini has currently only gone on sale in China. At this time its availability in other markets, such as North America and Europe, remains uncertain. But to give you an idea, in China the RS 10 Mini has been put on sale with an official price of 3,699 yuanwhich would become about 480 euros To the change.

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