Apple announces 600 new apps and games designed for Vision Pro glasses

Apple launched this Thursday (1st) more than 600 new applications and games developed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro, which hits stores tomorrow (2), in the United States. Mixed reality glasses promise a wide and innovative range of experiences.

One of the highlights is the improved NBA app for the headset, allowing view multiple game streams simultaneously, player and team statistics in real time. Similar features are found in PGA Tour Vision, putting golf fans inside the matches.

NBA app built for Vision Pro.NBA app built for Vision Pro.Source: Apple/Disclosure

For those who will use Apple glasses at work, the Box app facilitates collaboration and secure file and content management, while MindNode helps with brainstorming and JigSpace enables interactive spatial presentations. O Microsoft 365 and Zoom also gained exclusive versions.

In addition to more than 600 software fully designed for Apple Vision Pro, the user will have more than 1 million compatible apps and games for iOS and iPadOS available on the App Store. With them, it is also possible to enjoy different experiences promoted by spatial computing, although on a smaller scale.

Apple Vision Pro without Netflix and YouTube

Some important absences are being noticed in the catalog of apps dedicated to the Apple Vision Pro. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Netflix app, which at least at the time of its debut will not have a version adapted for the headset, requiring the user to access streaming via the device's browser.

YouTube is another platform that has not developed a specific app for Apple's mixed reality glasses, offering access only through Safari, as described above. The same goes for Spotify, which also did not launch a version adapted to the new feature.

The user will be able to watch films and series, enjoying a very immersive experience.The user will be able to watch films and series, enjoying a very immersive experience.Source: Apple/Disclosure

On the other hand, services such as Apple TV+, Disney+, Paramount+, Max (formerly HBO Max) and Amazon Prime Video, among dozens of other streaming platforms, are confirmed. The user will have access to immersive experiences when watching films, series, animations, documentaries and other content.

In the audio area, Apple Music is a guaranteed presence, providing more than 100 million songs with spatial audio, Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio. Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499the equivalent of R$17,210 at the current price, without taxes and fees.

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