Hiring an Internet rate with cloud storage: why it is not a good idea

More and more we see the option of hiring a internet rate that includes cloud storage. This allows you to host content and always have it available, save backup copies or even free up space. But is it really useful? We are going to tell you why you should not hire this type of service. At least, why shouldn't you opt for a rate that includes it, instead of choosing a cheaper one or one with other benefits.

It is clear that it is another claim. A strategy for operators to offer something different and attract more customers. It may be something interesting for some, but you will see that has its limitations and you could even have problems that will affect you when using this type of online services.

Cloud limitations on Internet rates

You can find this option in some companies, such as O2 or Digi. They offer cloud storage along with the Internet rate you contract. In some cases this is free, since it is included in the price, while in other cases it has an additional supplement that you will have to pay.

You depend on that company

The first reason for not using these services or, at least, not considering it as something of great value when contracting the Internet, is that you are going to depend on that company. What does this mean? Maybe you'll save your files there and, in a few months, you'll be interested change operator because there is another one that offers a cheaper rate or with greater speed.

As soon as you change your phone company, you will lose access to that online storage. You would have to move it to another place, so as not to lose all the content that you have been saving. As you can see, it is something to keep in mind if you like to change Internet companies and do not want to be tied to one.

Limited features

It must also be indicated that features are usually limited. In some cases, you will not even be able to access the web version and you will only be able to enter through the mobile application. This is true, for example, at O2. At least, currently. In addition, there are certain functions that you will not have or will be very limited, such as sharing files with other people, giving them permission to log into the account, etc.

If you are looking for complete cloud storage that does not have limitations of this type, it is better that you do not trust these options. The best thing would be to use other services that are more complete, that allow you to synchronize folders on your computer, as well as other functions that really help you in your daily life.

Automatically upload files to the cloud

The space is usually not very big

Another limitation is the storage space. It is usually not too big. Sometimes they can give several hundred MB available, but nothing more. If you need to save a lot of files, then you are going to have to use a different service, one that actually allows you to save larger folders.

Keep in mind that we increasingly need more available space. Therefore, tying yourself to a cloud that does not have much space can be a mistake in the long term. You would have to look for another option and it can be more confusing having to save files in different places.

As you can see, contracting Internet rates solely to have cloud storage included can be a mistake. You will have limitations, the storage space is usually small and you will depend on that telephone company.

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