Is it dangerous to use a second-hand router?

Buying second-hand devices can be an interesting option to save money. You can find good offers on the Internet, through applications like Wallapop. Now, is it safe? The truth is that, sometimes, you could come across a device that malfunctions or even contains malware. In this article we are going to talk about whether it is dangerous to use a second hand router. We are going to talk to you about what can happen and what you should take into account.

The router is a key piece for browsing the Internet and the connection that reaches other devices will pass through there. Could they do something, maliciously, to sneak viruses or steal data? If you buy a second-hand device of this type and it has been maliciously configuredcould pose a risk.

The risk of using a second-hand router

In general terms, we can say that it is not normal to have security issues when buying a second-hand router. In the vast majority of cases, they are simply devices that sellers no longer need. For example, they may have changed operators or bought a more powerful one.

However, there is always the risk of security problems. For example, they could have maliciously modified the router settings. They could have used the technique of DNS Hijacking, which is basically DNS redirection to malicious addresses. For example, you could put up your bank's website and end up with a fake one, even if it is a very well made copy.

Furthermore, another risk is having a device outdated, with known vulnerabilities. If you buy it new, it is normal for it to come with updated firmware. Maybe they sell you a router that hasn't been used for several years and those flaws have not been corrected, so it could pose a significant risk.

Therefore, in a way we can say that there is a risk, even if it is minimal, when buying a second-hand router. It is important that you take measures if you are going to purchase a device of this type, so that your privacy and security cannot be compromised when browsing the Internet.

Prevent them from spying on you through the router

Prepare the router

If you have bought a second-hand router, the first thing we recommend is that you reset to factory values. In this way, any configuration that you had made before will be eliminated. You will reduce the risk that they may steal information and compromise your security when browsing.

It is also a good idea that update the firmware of the device. It is possible that it is an old router and has not been used for a long time, so it could have known flaws. Make sure you install the latest version. You can go to the manufacturer's official website and see which one corresponds, so as not to get confused.

Another tip is to use strong passwords and check the configuration carefully. However, you should also do the latter with your router or with any new device you buy. It is essential to have good protection and ensure that intruders are not going to enter your wireless network without permission.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a second-hand router you can take into account all of this that we mentioned. It will help you avoid problems, as there could be a security risk if they sell you a device that they have maliciously modified.

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