Max: see how the subscription transition will work across operators

HBO Max will end. But don't worry, this doesn't mean that the Warner Bros. streaming service is the same. Discovery will be extinct in Brazil. In fact, the platform will undergo a transformation and become a more robust product, with new content, in addition to that already present on HBO Max currently. From February 27th this year, HBO Max will become just Max and will also feature productions from Discovery channels, in addition to other new features.

However, many HBO Max subscribers who acquired access to streaming via telecommunications operators, such as Claro and Vivo, for example, had some doubts about the entire transition process. After all, what will business practices be like during the change? Will the agreed values ​​and packages remain the same or will there be changes in the passing of the torch from HBO Max to Max? Below, see what we discovered on the subject!

HBO Max will become Max only from February 27th, offering new content to subscribers.HBO Max will become Max only from February 27th, offering new content to subscribers.Source: Max

As we well know, several operators that sell subscription TV plans offer HBO productions in their packages, which gives access to HBO Max at no extra cost. Now, however, some changes will happen in relation to the modalities offered. Look:


From now on, Claro customers will have access to Max in the Platinum package. In other words, if you are a customer of the company and want to maintain access to HBO content, you will need to subscribe to this plan, which guarantees four simultaneous screens, 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos audio and one hundred downloads.


In relation to those who have access to HBO Max via Vivo, the change will be available to users of the Standard plan, which is considered one of the simplest offered by the operator. The package provides two simultaneous screens and maximum resolution in Full HD, in addition to 30 downloads. Slightly worse benefits compared to Claro.


For now, TIM, which offers some TIM Ultrafibra plans with HBO Max available, has not yet declared whether the transition will be made naturally or whether the company's customers will have to change modality and adapt.

Max: prices in Brazil

It is worth highlighting that the Max has already gained value in Brazil. Check the numbers:

Basic Plan with Ads: for R$29.90 monthly or R$225.90 annually:

  • Limited Ads
  • 2 simultaneous devices
  • Full HD resolution

Standard Plan: with a monthly fee of R$39.90 or R$357.90 annually:

  • 2 simultaneous devices
  • Full HD resolution
  • 30 downloads for offline viewing

Platinum Plan: for R$55.90 monthly or R$477.90 annually:

  • 4 simultaneous devices
  • Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • 100 downloads for offline viewing

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