Mr and Mrs Smith: will the Prime Video series have a 2nd season?

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The series' big debut Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024) finally became reality this Friday, February 2nd. According to critics, the launch of Prime Video managed to give new life to the classic narrative that we know with the 2005 film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

But will the quality of the eight episodes of the action and comedy series be enough to guarantee a immediate renewal of production by the streaming platform?

Unlike the source material, the series introduces us to two lonely strangers who get a job at a mysterious agency, gaining access to a life of world travel and a dream home in exchange for espionage.

With new identities in an arranged marriage, John and Jane Smith face high-risk missions while dealing with their new marital status.

Although it is still too early to get an official confirmation from Prime Video, there are optimistic signs for a possible renewal of the series. Understand better below!

What are the chances of Mr and Mrs Smith getting a 2nd season?

Like all commercial production, the renewal decision will likely be based on how the episodes perform with subscribers. But it seems that the Prime Video has already set the stage for a sequel.

The series ended with a great cliffhanger, leaving creative space for the creation of another season. Get ready, there will be spoilers in the next paragraphs!

In the last episode, John Smith and Jane Smith had their lives threatened after failing their missions. Therefore, another Smith couple is sent by the agency to eliminate them in the mansion.

In the final scenes, we see John covered in blood after being shot. When he starts to lose consciousness, Jane decides to leave the safe zone and kill the killers.

With only one bullet left, Did she manage to eliminate her enemies? Will John survive his injuries? Or does a general massacre happen, with all the spies being killed by each other?

As if these doubts left by the first season weren’t enough, Mr. & Mrs. Smith achieved an 89% score on Rotten Tomatoes. According to specialized critics, the series gets the character construction right with a well-written satirical script and good chemistry between the protagonists.

How can you not be excited for a possible second season of Mr. & Mrs. Smith reading reviews like this? It’s hard to avoid optimism!

While the official renewal doesn't come, stay up to date with the list of more than 100 series confirmed and renewed by Netflix in 2024.

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