The Book of Eli should get a series with a Star Wars star

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The story of the film The book of Eli should now get a series executive produced by John Boyega, according to information obtained by the foreign press. According to the source, the actor should also be the protagonist of the plot.

The film, released in 2010, features Denzel Washington playing Eli, a lone warrior who lives in a world that, 30 years ago, was destroyed by war. In his hands is a book that can help save humanity, and he has to protect it at any cost.

The series of The book of Eli It will have a different story and will take place before the events of the film. See everything we know, so far, about the new prequel.

The Book of Eli: the series

John Boyega in the Star Wars franchiseJohn Boyega in the Star Wars franchiseSource: Lucasfilm/Disclosure

In the series, Star Wars star John Boyega will play Eli in the younger version, and the plot should take place 30 years before what was seen in the film. What devastated the Earth was a nuclear bomb that destroyed the planet's ecosystem.

So, the new series of The book of Eli it must be set during this war, showing what the nuclear bomb attack was like and the immediate consequences that the action caused.

There is still little information about the prequel, but it should be a big project in John Boyega's life. The 31-year-old British-Nigerian actor has been making a name for himself in cinemas in recent years. Among the productions he participates in are They cloned Tyrone, The Woman King and some films from the franchise Star Wars.

Boyega has already been recognized at awards shows such as BAFTA, which chose him as a “rising star”, and at the Golden Globes for playing the character Leroy Logan in the series Small Ax. The next film with the actor is The Fresheningby Cathy Yan, which should premiere in 2024.

The Book of Eli: the movie

Denzel Washington in the film The Book of EliDenzel Washington in the film The Book of EliSource: Alcon Entertainment/Disclosure

The film The book of Eli It was well received by the public at the time of its release, but today it accumulates average scores on review platforms. However, the story should return in a more intriguing way and should arouse viewers' curiosity.

In addition to Denzel Washington, the film's cast includes Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Beals, Ray Stevenson, Michael Gambon, Tom Waits, among others. It is directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, who also wrote the script with Gary Whitta.

The book of Eli can be watched on Netflix, Prime Video and Paramount+.

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