TikTok suffered another round of layoffs; see details

Another wave of layoffs affected TikTok this Monday (22). According to company officials, around 60 positions were cut in this round.

Most of the affected employees were part of the sales and advertising team, according to a company spokesperson interviewed by the website NPR. The wave of layoffs also affected employees in the United States (Los Angeles, New York and Austin).

Around 60 employees were cut in this wave of layoffs at TikTok.Around 60 employees were cut in this wave of layoffs at TikTok.Source: GettyImages

The cut is an attempt by ByteDance to reduce operating costs. The company scheduled a meeting this Tuesday (23) to discuss the cuts.

Although the company disclosed that 60 people were impacted, there are reports that at least 100 positions were terminated.

Currently, TikTok has around 7,000 employees in the United States. ByteDance has more than 150,000 employees around the world.

In some ways, this round of layoffs was less impactful than the downsizing of ByteDance's gaming division recorded in November 2023.

Layoffs in the technology sector

Apparently, 2024 will be another year marked by rounds of layoffs in the technology sector. The so-called layoffs It has been happening since 2023 and has already cost thousands of jobs in several companies.

One of the companies that has faced these waves the most is Google. In January alone, hundreds of employees were laid off and the trend is for these layoffs to continue throughout the year, as revealed by CEO, Sundar Pichai.

This month, Amazon also terminated the positions of hundreds of employees. The affected group was involved with Twitch, a streaming platform focused on games.

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