These are the 10 most spectacular HDR and Dolby Vision demos to show off as a television

Surely if you have bought a new 4K HDR TV You will have already played demos to get the most out of it…and that feeling of infatuation of the first weeks that we have all spent is unmatched. And surely, like me, you have also taken hours searching for demos in HDR and Dolby Vision to dazzle and show off new Smart TV before family and friends. «Have you seen how good it looks?«. Yes, it is more common than you think, it doesn't just happen to you.

With this in mind, I thought it was a good idea to make you a small guide to the HDR demos that We usually use on Youtube channel to make our reviews and comparisonsso you can see the full potential of your television. All these demos are free and available on YouTubeso we strongly recommend that you use the internal Youtube app from your television and not the external one if you have a player connected, since it can give you some problems.

These are the 10 most spectacular HDR and Dolby Vision demos to show off as a television

These are the 10 most spectacular HDR and Dolby Vision demos to show off as a television

Before starting with our particular list, it should be noted that some of the demos labeled as Dolby Vision on YouTube they will not be played in that format, since YouTube does not support this codec. What it means is that they come from a mastering in Dolby Vision and, In some cases, you can download the demo in this format in the video description. We have tried you vary the demos, so that each one offers something in particular that the others do not have. And now, let's go with our top 10.

1. 8K HDR Neon Girl Body Art | Dolby Atmos

It is without a doubt the most impressive demo I have ever seen. It is very focused on OLED TVs by very skillfully using the black background with the reflective paint on the models' skin, thus creating a unique contrast with a really high brightness. Mastered in 8K and Dolby Visionyou can see the 4K HDR version on YouTube with a superb image quality.

2. Sony Demo Bravia MASTER Series Japan

Another essential is the classic Sony HDR demowhere more than the brightness stands out, the color and naturalness (at the same time as saturation) of the colors. It is perfect to also see the shadow detail and how far our television goes when it comes to representing especially primary colors (red, green and blue) both in bright light scenes and in night scenes. It is not a particularly contrasting or brilliant demo, but it is very subtle to see that our Smart TV is doing its homework.

3. Samsung QLED 4K Demo – Las Vegas HDR

If you want a spectacular demo in terms of brightness as well as contrast, Samsung's demo for its brightest QLED and QD-OLED models It is one of the essentials. Although it has a lot of brightness and a lot of black in the scenes, it does not offer very small illuminated objects, so it is a demo perfect for QLED and MiniLED TVs with high levels of brightness. We recommend watching it at night with all the lights in the house off.

4. Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos Escape

One of the let's demo the most beautiful ones you will find all over Youtube. Praise your magnificent game lights and shadows with scenes in caves with elements very bright in them, but it also has landscapes colorful and not so saturated color tones like the previous demos, somewhat more unreal. Being animation, the look What he achieves is really special and by having quick scenes, it also helps us to evaluate the movement of our television. It is one of the few demos that you can download in Dolby Vision.

5. Sony Demo 4K HDR Reflections Japan

We return to impressive demos and another of Sony's masterpieces could not be missing: reflections. In this demo it plays very well with very small but extremely bright lights with a lot of color insideso it's a demo ideal for OLED TVs and specifically for QD-OLED, since in it we can see how those small lights in these latest models manage to saturate with color. It also works very well for Evaluate TV Tone Mapping.

6. Wonderful 4K HDR 120FPS DOLBY VISION

Another demo of the channel Dolby Vision Demo and it is not surprising seeing his level when making this type of videos. The native versions in Dolby Vision are available on your channel, The HDR10 version of YouTube borders on an excellent level and is perfect for reassessing the intrascene contrast (by having a lot of black and bright elements on the screen) as well as the colors, especially the skin tone of the actress from the beginning as well as the primary and secondary colors when the paintings, flowers, etc. appear.


We completely change the theme and go to landscapes. But not boring and monotonous landscapes, since This demo has landscapes of all kinds: contrasted at night (cities like Tokyo or New York are impressive), green, snowy, dry, rainy, foggy, aerial landscapes, etc. In its variety This is the strong point of this demo. Well that and it has a Extreme sharpness when recorded natively in 8Kin addition to lasting almost an hour.

8. Walk in Kyoto Midnight Rainstorm – 4K HDR

We have used this demo little because it is very long and…because it is not really a demo, but rather a virtual tour of Kyoto, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. Engraved natively in 4K HDRthis demo is crazy to view on devices OLED with many nits and totally dark. It achieves a unique thing that no other demo will be able to convey: it seems that we have moved to the city itself, since the very real contrast and the The optics with which it has been recorded make it seem that we are walking through Japan.

9. LG Chess Demo HDR

The classic demo that we have been using for almost 5 years on our YouTube channel deserved to be in our top 10. This demo is unique in its kind to evaluate the shadow detail in the first half of it, with elements such as very dark windows or columns in the background that our television should show and not hide. The second half of the demo is very good to evaluate two things: the shine in very small areas (lights, fire, etc.) and the skin tone in dark scenes (like the face of the King or knight).


Although all the demos that we have left here are spectacular, if someone asked me what the best of all for an OLED television I would say that this. This demo, native in 8K and recorded in macro photographyis the best ally of an OLED television since they are scenes in space with extremely small and extremely bright particlessomething that only an OLED television will be able to display correctly when in power. turn each pixel on and off at will.

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