This is the LG QNED televisions of 2024: improvements in image quality and new 98-inch size

The Korean firm does not forget about LCD televisions, which is why it has presented its new LG QNED and Mini LED models for 2024, with major improvements in image quality and a new diagonal in the family: the ultra-large 98-inch QNED. It also seems that we will see a good jump in processing, although The pioneering chips powered by real AI will not be usedif not a more trimmed version of these, the Alpha 8.

The new LG 2024 QNED televisions, as we indicated, will improve in processing with the new Alpha 8, improving on its predecessor with an increase of up to 60% faster, 30% improvements in image processing and more than 100 % graphic performance. Together with the new diagonal and the announced improvements to the panel, they seem like an interesting option. Let's go see them.

New LG QNED of 2024: improvements in image processing and new 98″ colossus

LG presents its new QNED televisions for 2024 with improvements in image quality and new sizes

Where does LG place the most emphasis in this new range? It's in the processing. At least we will see improvements in the mode AI Picture Pro based on deep learning. This feature distinguishes faces, objects and backgrounds within a scene, enriching texture and fine details to present images with more realism, or so LG says. On the other hand, it seems that we will also see improvements in the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro (splits the image and analyzes each of them in real time to detect the darkest and brightest areas).

On the other hand, these new Smart TV lines will continue to rely on the use of color technologies. LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell, based on quantum nanoparticles that, when light hits them, generate different wavelengths and thus create an improved color volume compared to the traditional RGB filter. Even so, It doesn't help much if they continue to rely on the use of IPS panels.

The QNED Mini LED range is already confirmed to use technology FALDThat is, not only will they have thousands of tiny LEDs placed on the back of the television, but they can also be turned off in sets of zones. The management algorithm, the so-called Precision Dimming It has also been notably improved, according to sources from LG itself.

We also know, as expected, that the high ranges QNED99T, QNED90T and QNED85T they will come for the first time with four high-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports, compared to just two in recent years. On the other hand, the QNED80T will use a 60Hz panel and only three HDMI 2.0 ports.

The surprise has come with the arrival of a new ultra-large 98-inch model, a truly huge screen aimed at those who want to have the feeling of a cinema in their living room. The addition of the giant 98-inch model addresses the growing demand for larger TVs in the premium LCD TV market, and the extensive lineup also offers customers multiple alternatives that will ideally fit any space, including 43, 50, 55, 65, 75. and 86 inch screens.

WebOS 24: now with 5 years of updates on all televisions

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Hanging LG OLED G2 TV

The LG 2024 QNED televisions also improve with the arrival of the new operating system that debuts a novelty called webOS Re:New. This is a 5-year update program, meaning your TV will receive operating system updates for 5 years, including versions released on more recent models (for example, if webOS 25 is released next year, 2024 models they will also receive it). This system will start next year and will cover until 2022 models (QNED99 and QNED95 series).

On the other hand, what we know about the new LG webOS is that users can create individual profiles to adapt the experience to their preferences and also this year televisions can differentiate voices according to user profiles and offer personalized recommendations by interpreting patterns from your usage history.

Additionally, the main Home UI screen of the latest version of webOS features Dynamic Q Card for quick access to services, with personalized organization in groups, such as Home Office, Home Hub, Sports and Games. To enjoy users' favorite digital media, LG 2024 QNED TVs are also compatible with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast for greater convenience in connectivity and compatibility with mobile devices.

To enhance the user experience for people with diverse abilities, LG 2024 QNED TVs offer a variety of accessibility features including dedicated menu settings, sign language avatars, remote control tutorials and guides for quick troubleshooting. For now, We don't know availability (although they will probably come out in spring) or priceswe will inform you when we have this information.

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