You can save this every month, just by making this change in your shower

Is about change your faucets for others that have a temperature regulator. Basically, they allow you to set a temperature and ensure that the water always comes out at what you have set. It is stable, so it will not come out too hot, nor will it be too cold and you will have to continually change it.

Save with shower faucets

According to IDAE, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, you can save up to 6% energy If you change the shower faucets for models that have thermostat. You can do this with any faucet at home, but it is especially useful in the shower, so you can adjust the appropriate temperature.

If you are going to shower with a normal faucet, where you can only move it to one side or the other, depending on whether you want hot or cold water, it is more difficult to get the desired temperature. We can use cold water or, on the contrary, use water that is too hot and we will have to modify the tap again.

In all these changes, what we do is consume energy. By using a faucet that has a temperature regulator, we will save. The water will always come out at the desired temperature, we can regulate it so that not excessive temperaturewhich can mean greater consumption and also cause us to burn ourselves.

In addition, we will also save water. After all, we are not going to suddenly find ourselves with very hot or very cold water, which can cause us to waste that water until it comes out at the right temperature. By using a temperature regulator, we will avoid this problem.

Change in the shower to save

Set the appropriate temperature

After explaining how you can save up to 6% of energy when showering according to IDAE, it is important that you know how to put the proper temperature. This will depend a little on each person, since the comfort level may be different. Maybe someone needs a few degrees more, while others want slightly cooler water.

However, in general terms the limit is considered to be around 38.5 degrees. From then on, you should never put the shower water on. Now, in order to save we can lower it as much as our comfort level allows. If we echo the recommendation launched from ENDESAthe water should approach 30 degrees.

But of course, those 30 degrees They may be too few for some people. Therefore, the ideal is that you put it at a temperature between 30 and 35. In order to save, you should not go beyond that. If you still need more, try not to let it exceed 37 degrees. This will help you spend less energy and maintain a good level of comfort. Insulating the house, taking advantage of home automation or using appliances in Eco mode will also help you save.

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