La1 is now available to everyone in 4K UHD: so you can watch it on your television

At the end of July of last year, the Board of Directors of the RTVE Corporation approved starting regular broadcasts in Ultra High Definition (UHD-4K) on La1 starting on February 15, 2024. However, after the blackout of the SD channels of DTT, RTVE has decided to go ahead a few days and La1 in 4K is now available for all users. After several specific tests, such as the broadcast of football World Cup matches in Qatar, RTVE now broadcasts regularly on the RGE2 multiplex in UHDoccupying the capacity assigned to RTVE in that RGE2 multiplex by the current National TDT Technical Plan.

As we have already told you in recent days, the so-called “DTT blackout” is not exactly a blackout as such, although it is true that it may mean that some users stop watching DTT. As you probably already know, if you have a very old television, more than 10 years old, it is very possible that it is not compatible with the broadcasts of DTT HD channels and, therefore, After the next blackout of the SD channels on February 14, you will no longer be able to watch DTT. There are several solutions beyond changing the television, such as buying an external DTT receiver.

However, this change has brought good news with it. And when several frequencies were released, RTVE has announced that it can now broadcast the content of the La1 channel in UHD on a regular basis. That is to say, RTVE's 4K channel is no longer in testing to broadcast all its content in ultra high resolution. So now that the broadcast in 4K UHD quality is already regular, you are probably asking yourself the following question, what do I need to watch La1 UHD? We tell you everything you should take into account to tune in to TVE in the highest quality.

Does your television support 4K UHD channels?

how to watch La1 UHD on your TV

Like is logic The first question we must answer is if our television is compatible with UHD DTT channels. As published by the Ministry for Digital Transformation, if your television is not too old, more or less since 2013, it is normal that it will not have any problem tuning into these channels. However, some models may not be compatible.

To watch a channel in 4K the first thing we need is a 4K UHD television. The second thing is that you have installed a DVB-T2 tuner compatible with HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video coding in its format H.265, a much more efficient video compression standard than the H.264 codec. On the other hand, it is also very interesting that our television is compatible with HDR, or rather that HLG, the HDR format for television broadcasts. Although the latter is not totally essential.

Does your antenna support 4K UHD channels?

There is a second variable to take into account in this equation. Not only do you have to have a 4K UHD TV with a compatible DVB-T2 tuner to watch La1 UHD, you also It is necessary that the community antenna (or your personal antenna if you live in an individual house) have the module installed corresponding to the frequency on which the channel broadcasts in each province. If the antenna does not have this module installed, the signal will not be able to reach our television.

As explained on the website of UHDSpainif you receive DTT through an individual antenna and you are in the coverage area of ​​the broadcast, you will find the channel simply by retuning your television. If a collective antenna is used, the channel may not be incorporated into it.which will make it necessary for the Community of Owners to request an adaptation of the antenna to be able to access these broadcasts.

Retune your television to watch La1 in UHD

how to watch La1 UHD on your TV retune

If you have a 4K UHD television compatible with UHD DTT channels and you have an adapted antenna, congratulations! There is only one last thing to do. And this is none other than retuning your television to find La1 UHD. How do you retune the channels on your TV? Well, that will depend on the manufacturer and the operating system your TV has.

It shouldn't be too difficult, since you would do it at the time to tune the channels when you bought the TV. Generally we will find the automatic or manual tuning option in the television settings menu. Some models also offer the option to refresh the channel list instead of having to search them all again. And others even have an automatic function that notifies you when they detect new channels. But if you want some more specific steps, in this article we tell you how to tune the channels depending on the brand of television you have.

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