How can AI help scale knowledge in your operation?

By Thiago Muniz.

A recent survey commissioned by Microsoft with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs reveals that 98% of them recognize the importance and positive impact of technology on their business. Of this total, only 40% are ready to make structural changes and seek new technologies.

Like this, “FOMO” is an acronym that in English means “fear of missing out” or “fear of missing out on something”. A psychological and social anxiety that arises from the realization that other people may be having valuable, highly rewarding experiences and that you are not participating in or taking advantage of them.

AI in companiesCompanies can benefit from the performance of artificial intelligence technology.

How about avoiding FOMO by following these practical tips on how to scale a business using artificial intelligence? Check out some tips below!

1. Improve your business’s financial management

From energy expenditure, through contracts with customers and suppliers, AI artificial intelligence can help analyze financial bottlenecks that go unnoticed. Another feature is to reduce the risk of human error when categorizing expenses, approving credit for customers and even identifying fraud more easily.

2. HR for those who have little time

With the help of AI, analyze resumes in a simpler and more direct way from the moment of hiring. A virtual assistant can help answer questions about benefits, company policies and general questions about culture.

It is also possible to use a simple assistant to get ideas on how to customize exercises, dynamics and content for continuous training in the operation. Providing team performance data and analyzing insights generated by artificial intelligence tools can provide insights into blind spots in the operation's performance.

3. Publicity and marketing

Creating your own content more quickly from text, image and sound to publish on social media is a way to scale your digital presence.

The technology will also allow access on advertising platforms to multivariate tests with image and text options that, when combined, generate better results without the need for continuous adjustments.

4. Innovation of experiences

Other companies can copy your brand, your content but they will never be able to copy you. At certain levels of negotiation, human resources actions and financial decisions, context matters and artificial intelligence will not be able to provide deep insights.

However, in a context where listening to the customer or analyzing market data, it is possible with the use of technology compile insights and information to gain valuable insights that can improve your customer experience and consequently surprise your target audience.

Ethics, responsibility, empathy, brand positioning are some examples of topics that you can delve into more deeply if you manage to put any of these tips into practice. Use “robots” to give you time to delve deeper into topics they can't really help with.

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