Margot Robbie and more: see who was snubbed at the 2024 Oscars

Finally, she is among us! This Tuesday (23), the long-awaited list of all nominees for the 2024 Oscar was released by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and brought some surprises for film fans. The awards show, which is the biggest and most prestigious in the film industry, will take place on March 10th in California, in the United States. The host of this year's ceremony will once again be comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

As many expected, the 2024 Oscars will have some very popular and talked about titles in its main categories. Oppenheimerby Christopher Nolan, for example, led the nominations, winning 13 nominations. Poor Creatures It is Flower Moon Assassins also stood out, achieving 11 nominations. However, moviegoers noticed some significant absences from the list. And, as we well know, every year, several artists and productions are snubbed.

But, after all, who were the big snubs at the 2024 Oscars? Let's see!

Oscar 2024: which artists and films were snubbed by the ceremony?

Margot Robbie

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Actress Margot Robbie, protagonist of the film Barbiewas one of the biggest snubs at the 2024 Oscars. Many fans of the artist expected her to be nominated in the Best Actress category at the awards due to her fun and emotional performance in the film about the most famous doll in the world, however, that did not happen,

On the other hand, Ryan Gosling, who played Ken in Barbiewill compete for Best Supporting Actor, in addition to receiving a nomination for Best Music, for his performance in “I'm Just Ken.”

Dua Lipa


Still talking about Barbie, another artist who was not remembered by the Academy was the singer Dua Lipa. Again, many fans of the pop star believed that she would be nominated for an Oscar in 2024 for her song “Dance The Night”, which appears on the soundtrack of Barbie. However, the performer, who also participated as an actress in the attraction, did not make it to the Best Original Song category.

Remembering that “Dance The Night” was one of the most played songs on streaming platforms since Barbie was released.

Barbie (Greta Gerwig)


To end the snubs regarding the Barbie, although the film got a nomination for the Best Film category, the same cannot be said about the Best Director category. Well, filmmaker Greta Gerwig was also snubbed by the 2024 Oscars and her work was not fully recognized, which left many viewers disappointed.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Another big snub at the awards this year was directed at actor Leonardo DiCaprio, star of the film Killers of the Flower Moon, one of the films that received the most nominations. It turns out that the artist was not nominated in the Best Actor category, something that was expected by several critics and fans.

However, Martin Scorsese competes for Best Director and Robert De Niro for Best Supporting Actor. Killers of the Flower Moon is also a favorite in the Best Film category.

Air: The Story Behind the Logo

Starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the film Air had a great campaign and was seen as one of the Oscar favorites in early 2023. However, the feature film, which can be watched on Prime Video, did not receive any award nominations in this year.

May December (Secrets of a Scandal)

Another bet that was snubbed by the Oscars is May December, a film that arrives in Brazil under the name Secrets of a Scandal. Based on a true story, the feature film received just one nomination in the Best Original Screenplay category.

In addition to being left out of the best film category, the film's stars also did not receive nominations, including Natalie Portman, Juliane Moore and Charles Melton.

So, did you miss any films at the 2024 Oscars?

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