See which series were canceled in January 2024

Another year has begun for the world of television and streaming series and, with it, several new features have been presented to viewers. Several new titles have already been launched or, at least, announced, causing quite a stir among fans. However, 2024 has already shown, even after just one month, that not everything is rosy.

This is because, although several new series have debuted, many others have already been cancelled. Yes, it seems early, but January 2024 has already brought several significant losses to the series universe. From HBO Max to Disney+, practically every major streaming service has had at least one cancellation at the beginning of the year.

But which series were canceled in January 2024, anyway? Below, see a list of the main ones!

Apple TV+


“A couple on a backpacking trip discover a magical town where everyone acts like they're in a 1940s musical.”

  • Cancellation date: 01/18
  • Number of seasons: 2


American Born Chinese

“Jin Wang is an ordinary teenager balancing high school and home life. When he meets a new foreign student on the first day of school, he becomes unwittingly embroiled in a battle with Chinese mythological gods.”

  • Cancellation date: 05/01
  • Number of seasons: 1


The Flight Attendant

The HBO Max

“A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man, and has no idea what happened. When she is questioned by FBI agents, she begins to wonder if she could be the killer.”

  • Cancellation date: 01/19
  • Number of seasons: 2


“Inspired by the extraordinary life of Julia Child and her show The French Chef, which essentially invented food television.”

  • Cancellation date: 10/01
  • Number of seasons: 2

Our Flag Means Death

The HBO Max

The story follows “Stede Bonnet, who, after a midlife crisis, decides to abandon his aristocratic lifestyle to become captain of the pirate ship Revenge.”

  • Cancellation date: 09/01
  • Number of seasons: 2

Rap Sh!t

“Issa Rae's series follows an all-female rap group trying to find success in the music industry.”

  • Cancellation date: 01/18
  • Number of seasons: 2

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“In 1970s Los Angeles, a young feminist joins forces with a low-cost publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women.”

  • Cancellation date: 05/01
  • Number of seasons: 2


Wolf Pack

“The lives of a teenage boy and girl are changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature.”

  • Cancellation date: 01/25
  • Number of seasons: 1

So, which of these series canceled in January 2024 will be missed the most?

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