This way you can create a simple base for your router and prevent it from overheating

Maintaining the proper functioning of the router is essential so that all your devices can connect to the network without problems. It is essential that there are no interruptions, that the Wi-Fi network works well and that the speed is adequate. To achieve this, something essential is prevent the router from overheating. If this happens, performance will drop. Therefore, we are going to explain to you what you can do to create a simple base, with materials you have at home, and thus prevent it from getting too hot.

Especially, this problem can appear in the summer months. When the temperature rises, appliances can overheat. If they are poorly located, if they are dirty or if they are not cooled well, problems may arise. In the case of the router, it could lead to continuous outages or even stop offering a connection.

Bases so that the router does not heat up

You don’t need to buy anything sophisticated, or make a large financial investment; In fact, you can use materials that you probably already have at home. With this, you will be able to put a simple base on your router and thus achieve the objective of reducing the risk of it overheating and affecting the performance. connection quality.

For example, you can use pieces of wood and create a base to raise the router a little. It only needs to be 1 centimeter or more. We are simply going to ensure that the router is not so close to the surface of the table or piece of furniture where you have it. By raising it a little, the air will pass through better and we will be able to prevent it from getting too hot.

You can do the same with simple rigid cardboard. Depending on your router, you can create four or more small platforms to elevate it. You could even make a base that rises in steps, so that the router is not completely lying down. To do this, you can help yourself with pieces of wood or sturdy cardboard.

On the other hand, you could also use bottle caps. You simply place them on the bottom of the router, where it rests against the surface, and you will make it rise a little. This separation should be more than enough to avoid overheating problems.

Risks of using a second-hand router

Position the device well

Beyond putting a base to elevate the router, which can be of great help to avoid overheating, you should position the device well. This means that it is important that you keep it away from heat sources. For example, don’t put it near a window where direct sunlight enters. You should also not put it next to other devices or in a hidden piece of furniture, where air does not enter well.

Additionally, it is important to avoid interference. If you have Bluetooth devices nearby, such as headphones, controllers or speakers, they could affect the signal. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency, can cause problems and will cause the wireless signal to be weaker or even interrupted. It may be a reason why the router turns off.

Therefore, always make sure that you have the router well located. You can create a base so that it rises a little, something that will help you avoid overheating. Make sure it works perfectly, otherwise you may have speed and quality limitations.

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